Free Custom «Personal Autobiography» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Autobiography» Essay Paper

I was born on a cool windy day in Philadelphia in the year nineteen fifty eight. Coming from a family of nine siblings, under the guidance of   Bennie and Willie Jackson who were our parents, I was raised to the west of Philadelphia.  However, I didn’t spent the rest of my childhood there as we moved from the small three bedroom house to a larger six bedroom house located at Philadelphia’s Overbrook section. While my father went out taking two jobs at a time, my mother remained home taking care of us. Our humble and congested childhood left me with memories of my mother being rushed to hospital as my father stayed back at home to take care of us. He served as a perfect replacement to our mother who was away as he offered us every help we needed. Despite his tight working schedule of having two jobs, the little time he managed to get he dedicated all of it to his family. Family picnics, drive in movies, family trips, and meetings every passing Sunday were characteristic of our family. These childhood memories left me with the impression that a family is a union of joy and the father is the head and has to be responsible in holding the family together.

Who I am in life

       My name is Kim Jackson. My education span runs from nineteen seventy nine to nineteen eighty.  I went to Pierce College were I pursued an associate degree though I did not complete my studies during my first enrolment.  I went back later to the same college to clear my pending classes. My work experience includes working as an administrator assistance and as a case manager in the Department of Human services in the years between two thousands and two thousands and ten. I am currently working as a part time employee at the Ross stores. Following the values I believed in from my humble background regarding education, I have never been satisfied with my academic qualification. I am determined to attain a degree in Bachelor of Arts by the end of the year two thousand and thirteen.  

What life means to me

             Life according to me has up and downs but they are these situations that have made me who I am today. My childhood life was interesting until when I got pregnant at the age of eighteen. My situation was not the main issue but the response of both my parents and the father to the child I was carrying on receiving the news. My father was very understanding but to some extend disappointed. The worst came when the man responsible for my child denied it and suggested abortion as the solution. My reaction to this was to break our ties and live my life as a single parent when I finally give bath to my kid. I kept the news away from my parents till when I was in my first tri semester and I could not handle the situation any longer. My experience with the man who was supposed to be the father of my child left me heart broken and hated men. I still believed that life has better days for me in future so I just held on. Although I had gone against the values and morals that my family believed in, they still managed to forgive me and offered all the support in the world that they could manage.

My family

        I gave bath to a bouncing baby boy in the year nineteen seventy nine and this gave me the chance to mend my life one more time. I went back to college when Curtis Jackson was three months Old.  Family as a single parent was not that smooth as I depended on the welfare benefits offered by the government for our upkeep.  This was a form of degradation to the family I left behind as they were left with no form of income from the government. This situation taught me never to rely on any one for any support as this was my life.  At only twenty years of age, I had to go back to better my future. I enrolled back to the Pierce College where I oversaw the remaining three credits and graduated with a degree in associates. At the same time, I had to find means of supporting my family and so, I had to apply for a job as an administrator assistant. This was a major boost in addition to the welfare income.  The job also provided the two of us with good insurance and from that point life started having some sense of direction.

       My family grew with an additional member when I met Robert who eventually ended up being my husband. By the year nineteen eighty five, we were blessed with another child by the name Melisa completing the family of four. In him, I found a role model to my children as well as a shoulder to lean on at all times. He treated both children as his and that made me turn around on the negative attitude I had developed about men.


         Despite the mistakes I made in my life, my family still regards me with atmost respect. My husband and children appreciate me as the best mother and wife that they could ever have. At the work place, my efforts are being regarded as I have gone up the ranks and received salary increase in many occasions.  Am still determined to attain my academic dream of graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree by the end of the year twenty thirteen.



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