Free Custom «Personal Assessment to be Considered for Tackling Employee Turnover» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Assessment to be Considered for Tackling Employee Turnover» Essay Paper


The assignment would provide for a recommendation that would aid in reducing employee turnover in the company. The scenario being that the company has decided to formulate and implement a new methodology that would assist in choosing the right candidates.

First things first, I would provide a full discussion on the different types of assessments that the company could use in curbing this menace.  From these available options, as a human resource I will choose the best assessment to deploy and go a head to provide my reasons for doing the same.

The last part of the assignment would expound on the techniques and skills that I will use to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of each assessment as well as evaluate this whole data to the overall performance of the organization.

Personal Assessment to be considered for Tackling Employee Turnover

According to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (2011), the various assessments include:   Assessments centers: whose mandate is to measure skills pertaining to communication, interpersonal, planning and analyzing. In this mode of assessment, raters are used to observe and evaluate behaviors of the potential trainees.  Biographical data: its objective is to measure areas of leadership, teamwork and the prediction of success of the job.  It may also inquire about individual’s attitude and personality. Integrity tests that assess an individual’s attitude and experiences that relate to a person’s honesty, dependability and trust worthiness. Its objective is to notify individuals with inappropriate and dishonest behaviors. Personality tests: are used to measure individuals’ emotional stability and attitude towards co-workers in an organization.  And lastly, Interviews which are used to gather first hand information on individual communication and presentation capabilities.

In order to curb labor turnover from happening again, as a human resource manager I would deploy biographical and personality assessments tests since they both assist in evaluating and analyzing of employee satisfaction and expectations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (1999), by acquiring  these tools  a human  resource is  able to differentiate between potential employees from those that are intending to use the positions available as stepping stones to other careers.  For effective monitoring, I would use the tools available effectively and even go ahead to seek for professional services who would assist in separating of the potentials from dishonest individuals.   I believe the tests would act towards the betterment of the organization’s overall performance since it deploys an effective reduction on labor turnover thus guaranteeing organization’s stability (Schein, 2004).



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