Free Custom «Perfect Society» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Perfect Society» Essay Paper

The perfect society is just an imagination to me. When I look around, I see violence and hatred. The world we live in is disturbing. Hate is what is causing murders, theft, assassinations that we hear, and evil schemes that are commonly seen in dirty politics. The degree of hatred has reached wanting levels. It is real and is happening in real-time. The hate that is seen in the world today start from acts like careless words in rock music, comments that are thrown carelessly, and lack of confidence in the family life. The family is no longer a respected institution. No wonder the high rate of divorce that is seen in the world today. If I was in a position to change all these, I would have done this a long time ago. All I can do now is just to dream.

The society that I would regard as perfect is located in an island, a beautiful one for that, in the Caribbean. In this island, I would do as I wish; of course together with my other friends and people living in this island. There would be some rules that we would be required to follow, at least to make it better. One of the rules that I would advocate is that no one is allowed to put someone down in any way. All people should be treated equally and no one be allowed to show any form of favourism. Another rule that I would put forth is the rule of drugs. There should be no drugs that are allowed in the island. All drugs should be banned and if someone really needs to have the drugs, they should then get out of the island.

Another rule that I would like to be implemented in the island is the use of tribal names. No one should be allowed to have their tribal names with them. We should all be having universal names that do not bring any form of animosity to the society that I constantly dream of. My perfect society will be that which even if a father has a popular name, the son and daughters will not use that name because of the high likelihood of getting the presidency. Currently, the medicine and technology is going at the near-perfect state. One thing is that there should be a possibility to choose the characteristics of our children. The children should have the characteristics that we so desire. Our children should be made in the way that they are supposed to be without the use of machines, technology and medicine.

The parents should be able to get the traits that will be there in the children which they will get. It will allow the parents to get rid of the children before they are born because they are capable of knowing that the child will get a bad trait, will get a fatal disease or illness. Still in the family is that the children should be born of two loving and caring parents. The parents should be male and female. I don’t support the other combinations of parents as they go against the values and the norms that I support; I am a Christian by religion. I therefore love to see a family which is formed based on biblical principles. What is more, people should be able to look for their love without any bias. Love should not be based on race, or social status.

My perfect society would also be one where we would be able to reach the airport faster than we can now. For the current transportation system, everything seems to be perfect except for this. Although Wrestling and Friends are perfect shows, a perfect society will allow someone to be part of these societies. The Wrestling brings in so many emotions that we feel good when we are able to beat the enemies just like it happens in Wrestling. The soap operas are shows that make us want to be part of the winning actors. The education system that I so desire is one in which the children are able to attain what they need. They should pursue the dreams that they so desire without any form of interference. Children should the subjects that they want in the schools that they attend. They should not be bogged down with subjects with which they are not interested in. they should have the liberty to choose the subjects that they are interested in.

Religion should be something very free. One should be allowed to subscribe to any religion. They should respect the others who are in other religions. They should show fairness to all; whether they are n the same religion or not. The moment that someone is found incapable of delivering the jobs they are given to do, they should be laid down from the company without asking any questions. This will bring efficiency in the work place and also be able to achieve new insights in the areas in which effective people work. People should be employed basing on merit and not basing on the people that someone knows. Vacancies should be communicated to all. The lower class people should equal chances of letting their relatives to apply for these vacancies. Everyone should be able to get the jibs they are interested in as long as they are good at these jobs. They should demonstrate the ability to deliver before they are given these jobs. We should see code names being used when awarding marks for those being interviewed. The star athletes of organizations and schools should not be shown any kind of favourism because that would mean that those who are not yet in stardom will not get these privileges.

Regarding the rules and the laws, they should be applied to anyone without regard to the social classes they belong. Just because you have a lot of fame does not mean you will be innocent in whatever you do. The law should cut across the social class. Investments should not be controlled by capitalists. The investments should make genuine results. The power to change the market and the trends of a certain stock should be vested on the market dynamics and not of the power of an individual. The people should be able to se the codes from their genes. This is because the laws that one follows gives them a chance to look at eth code in their genes.

The information technology that we see today has brought with cyber-attacks. Everyone is using technology with that fear that a computer virus is about to get into the system they are using. In my perfect world, the use of computers would be safe and people would use the computers without any fear. Programmers will be developing constructive programs which are used to solve business problems.

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The society that I have proposed is not realistic and far from being achieved. What I believe is that achieving a multicultural society would be the same issue in this world. With everyone having their own beliefs and views, it will be very hard having a common ground that will be acceptable by everyone. There is bad history that has been seen in the way the Europeans treated Africans, how the riots went about in China and how injustices were done to the people of China. It is very hard for these people who experienced these injustices to have a heart of forgiveness. Although this is the case, it is paramount for us to learn and open the channels of communication. It is good to realize that not all Europeans are bad in Africa, that everyone from Africa is not educated. We should all come to an understanding that we are all humans.



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