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Ones Real Life

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In our everyday lives, we have a number of views, ideas and aims which we would like to pursue accordingly. Much as we could like to live true to our dreams, not everything is in our control and as such, we are unable to achieve because of uncertainties and other unforeseeable challenges. Thus instead of leading our lives as we may desire, we end up in a totally different life where we are forced to pursue different goals and objectives.

This is exactly what my life has been. I was brought up in the UAE and ever since I was young. I had set up my ambitions to one day becoming a physician. I very much coveted the profession but my dreams were suddenly shuttered when we were forced to move to Canada because my father lost his job. Life in Canada was not smooth. I could not join school till I learnt French, a feat I accomplished after six months of intense concentration. I joined high school and went on to become fluent in the language.

Our stay in Canada was short-lived and we had to move to the USA after our permanent residence application was declined.  Life in the US was not easy either. I had to make new friends in a new country coupled with its own social problems. I was lucky I joined Mount Horeb where I volunteered in a mosque from where I started making friends who introduced me a lot to the new environment. I worked hard in school and was occasionally awarded the student of the month award and I also won the coveted Mount Horeb Artist Award.

I graduated from high school last year with a good pass. During my free time I like helping other students in their homework and revision. I am anxious to join college, considering that I come from a humble family where no one has a university degree. I am proud of my little achievements and I look forward to achieving even more. I know life is hard but giving up hope is the lowest I will ever bend in my pursuit of life.

Buy custom Ones Real Life essay paper cheap

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