Free Custom «Ocean City» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ocean City» Essay Paper

This past summer during our school vacation I experienced an everlasting memorable adventure together with my three friends. I really had lots of fun to the brim as my friends and I ventured into the renown Ocean City which is found in Maryland’s peninsula. The city had an amazing and entertaining beach environment where we used to go swimming on a daily basis for the whole week we had vacation there. We also experienced a boardwalk, there was a big arcade, few restaurants and many stores. The people were so lively and ready to assist and help that we felt comfortable staying there.

On the travelling day, we took a considerate time while preparing as we did not want to leave something important behind because it could make our vacation uncomfortable. My mother insisted on packing for me as she argued out that since it was my first time to go on a travel without her it was important to pack the travelling bag for me. My friends who joined me in the vacation were my neighbor Mark and my best friend since our childhood Jacinta together with her friend Rose who were my classmates and close friends. It took several weeks to convince our parents to agree on our vacation plans as they termed us to be young and not able to take care of ourselves on a journey, but with continuous plea they at long last agreed to let us have a vacation on our own. Earlier on my mother used to ground me on the basis of not using a phone but God answered my prayers as she gave me a mobile phone to be communicating with her on how our vacation was going on.

My mother saw us off and we boarded a bus by our gate since we could not use our car as no one amongst my friends had a driving license. The roadside scenery was so fascinating and we kept on chit chatting all along the way. The journey took almost four hours. As we alighted from the bus, the night was crawling in so much excitement; we went directly into our respective rooms located near the beach. The following morning we woke up ready to explore the oceanic city beach which looked fascinating and lively as many people had already arrived to the beach for their fun. The oceanic beach water seemed dirty having a brownish color although we came to find out that after all it was not dirty. A beach tour guide took us through the necessary precautions to take while around the beach and in the waters, for example, not to swim rapidly straight out of the water when we encounter a rip tide. He told us how to deal with rip tides if we encountered them while swimming in the water which was by swimming parallel to the shoreline.

In the afternoon we went to the Paradise watersports facility as we were all eager to experience the thrill of parasailing and water skating. Mark had experience in water skating, therefore, he decided to teach us how to skate. Rose and I were nervous at first but with little confidence we found ourselves skating down the tides. Unfortunately Rose’s skateboard broke while she was wave skiing, she fell into the water with a thud. Immediately I dived into the raging ocean waters and swam to the spot where Rose was. Luckily enough she had just experienced a mere bruise so the beach attendant dressed her wound and we headed to our hotel. She had suffered trauma due to that incident but the counseling and care she got from the hotel attendant made her pull through. The following day we returned to the Paradise watersports to do some hot air balloon flying. This was a breath taking experience as we saw the whole Oceanic City from high up in the sky and the scenery was fascinating. We also flew over the ocean and saw the dolphins as they jumped high above the water and again fall into the water, this experience is unforgettable.

On the fourth day we visited the Jolly Roger Amusement Park were we had tremendous fun by carrying out games and rides all day. We enjoyed the turns, drops, and numerous twists in the roller coaster and lastly boarded the Jolly Roger Express train to view the fascinating surrounding scenery. Later we were told that the train was an antique build in. Mark and I had experienced adventures together but this vacation prooved to be more fun-filled. We all enjoyed ourselves to the fullest and we did not encounter any major problems apart from the bruises Rose attained due to the breaking of her skateboard. After the vacation was over, we travelled back to our homes everyone in smiles and an accumulated amount of memories and experiences to cherish and talk about day in day. That was the most memorable vacation I ever had so far, and maybe the best I will ever experience.

The major reason I have focused on Ocean city is because it offers entertainment to everyone who comes there. We had our vacation filled with fun despite we were just high school students; there was no discrimination of any kind concerning us during our stay there. The community in oceanic city was welcoming and sociable, that is why we had a humble time throughout our stay there. As a person I am fun loving and adventurous, therefore, the Ocean city brings out clearly my fun oriented life.


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