Free Custom «My World and its Influence on Me» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My World and its Influence on Me» Essay Paper

Life is not what we want it to be, but we have no choice but to try our best and make the best out of life. I was born and raised in Germany, but moved to England when I was 15 to study in a boarding school. This was after a very difficult time in my life when my parents divorced and life was never the same for me. It was a trying time in my life as it happened when I was thirteen, I thank my friends who stood by me and supported me during this time. I grew up in small town, but this has made me to feel as though am being limited. It has made me to try out studying abroad in big cities such as California where, I feel my potential will be fully exploited.

My academic performance is average, as I am not a very outstanding performer academically, but am a hardworking student, who excels in other interests such as computer games, computer programming, website design, online investment games, and playing card games.  In school, I have always felt that am underestimated by my teachers. This has made me to work very hard so as to win recognition of everyone. I would like to be a respectable businessman practicing commercially viable and profitable work. I am motivated to study business for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and skills in order to use them in the development and utilization of business ideologies to maximize returns for the company I will run, bring value to the society at large while still focusing on personal professional growth.

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My country’s economy is what motivated me from a young age to want to study business. The economy of my country was very vibrant and there was a lot of business being transacted every day. The businessmen I knew were very well off and were leading very admirable lifestyles and I remember saying to myself that I would want to become like them someday when I am older. Thus the seed of business hunger was planted a long time ago in my own country. With impetus to achieve such an objective, I have noted with appreciation how lucky I am since I have been given a second chance to pursue my business studies. I had to drop out of the program before due to unforeseen circumstances that included both personal and financial constraints. Despite of these hardships, I never lost my personal will and focus on what was and still is my real passion. I have now totally regained my footing and feel more confident than ever to take the first step in making myself more educated in the business field which is the career line I wish to pursue.

I will forever be in debt to my friends who have stood by me throughout the tough time and who have encouraged me to have an open mind towards my future. My friends have been my strength and I am grateful to have them in my life for the reassurance when things do not go as planned. With a strong foundation coupled with my passion towards hard work, I am convinced that my major in business studies will ultimately prepare me to realize my goal. I am also very grateful to my country for the support and for believing in me thus offering me a scholarship to pursue my preferred course. I believe my business studies will be pleasant and at the same time rewarding and I look forward to successfully completing my studies and going back home to  extend a hand of helot by practicing and applying all the knowledge and skills I will have learned thus contribute to the growth of my country’s economy.


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