Free Custom «My Story» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Story» Essay Paper

I am a student in Foothill College majoring in communication and I am the first child to get a chance of advancing my education up to college level. My GPA is 3.84 3 and it is my desire to stud communication in college because I genuinely believe that it has the power of changing people’s lives. Presently, I am the only child remaining in our family since my younger brother died of a heart disease on my birth day after undergoing an unsuccessful heart surgery. This death of my brother upset my parents especially my mother who suffered from a serious depression which facilitated her suicide attempts. She was able to overcome the depression after a certain social walker talked to her. She used to visit my mother on regular basis to share the thoughts and sadness.

At some occasions, the social worker talked to my father and thought him on how to effectively communicate with my mother when she was in a depressed condition. It is the effort of this social worker that saved my mother from the condition which could make her commit suicide or continue with it up to date. Having undergone this huge incident in my life, I was able to realize the power and importance of effective communication and I started to take various communication classes when I studied in the United States of America as an exchange student. As I continue with my communication classes, I realize the significance of communication in our daily life and this enhances my efforts in the field.

I and my parents used to live in a very small room and we shared a bathroom and a kitchen with other people. From my brother's incident, the social worker discovered that our living environment was not very good and helped us to get a bigger and cheap apartment (public government apartment) to rent on our own. We have stayed in the apartment since I was seven years old up to date when I am twenty years old. Therefore, my parents had a lot of expectation from me and also there is invisible pressure for me. Although I live in a working class family, my parents earn very low salaries since they are not well educated. This bars them from making savings for the family as the little money they get is used in meeting the basic life expenses. Irrespective of this, my parents always try their best to make sure that my needs are met and this has reinforced our close relationship. Since I used to stay at my grandmother’s house when young, I built a very good relationship with my aunts and uncles that assisted me a lot.

About three years ago, I took a public examination to enable me advance my education to the upper level of high school. Unfortunately, I did not attain a very good grade on the examination and therefore did not qualify to continue my education in Hong Kong. At this time, one of my aunts suggested for me to take my studies from aboard so that I could exchange the culture with others and upgrade my English but my parents were not able to support my studies abroad. Luckily enough, two of my aunts told my parents that they were willing and able to sponsor my education and I got a chance to come to United States to continue with my education up to date. Unfortunately, one of our family (my aunt) member got breast cancer two years ago and my sponsors/two of aunts spent a lot of money in meeting her medical treatment. Therefore, I hope I can find some scholarships to relief my family from the financial problems and enable me complete my bachelor degree.

My experience and motivation has come from different communication related activities. First, I was a member of my high school’s debate team where we debated all sides of an argument to find the best argument that we all agreed on and I learned how to effectively communicate with others. I also learned that effective communication with others leads to the achievement of a common goal. Secondly, I worked with elderly people who showed me the importance of nonverbal communication. I visited elderly members of my community and helped them clean houses or buy groceries. Most of the elderly I worked with were living alone with no one to take care of them. They mentioned to me that they always felt sad, lonely, and hopeless.

I realized a simple smile and hug made a big difference in the life of these elderly people. This example showed me besides verbal communication, non-verbal communication also has the power to convey a message and strengthen relationships between people. Lastly, as a vice president of the Hong Kong Student Union, I organized and participated in various events such as a Halloween Party, Prom and Thanksgiving Feast which helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and provided a golden opportunity for me to practice my communication skills.

I have a very strong interest in dancing which is also my best hobby. Dancing has shaped my personality and changed my perspective on the world. For instance, the dance speed relates to my personality whereby my fast tempo dance portrays my active personalities and slow tempo dance portrays my quiet personalities. Dancing has also assisted me to express my emotions and feelings through non-verbal communication. Lastly, I have volunteered to assist my professor and the college in various class activities and programs such as various clubs’ activities which enhances my leadership, networking, hospitality, communication and event coordinating skills

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The above experiences have made me realize that communication is not only about conveying and transforming messages from one another, communication also has the power to persuade others, understand people needs and strengthen people’ s relationship. I believe if I have the power of voice, I can speak up for the minority, minimize conflict and use my communication knowledge to help people in the world. I can take action myself, or I can encourage others to do so. The scholarships programs will help me achieve my dream.



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