Free Custom «My Soccer Story» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Soccer Story» Essay Paper

My name is Man Hin Ng or Gary aged 18 years and I am a community college student from Delaware County Community College. This college was established in the year 1967 and it is a two year college with two campuses and three learning centers in Philadelphia. In this community college, I have attained a very special soccer experience which I gained by recognizing that soccer is a tough game which requires that the players have a lot of experience. Therefore, I engaged myself in extensive learning through playing many football games and in order to reinforce and speed up my learning process, I used to teach myself from other successive players’ experiences. My training/learning has incorporated the various methods of improving my soccer fitness. For instance, I have employed various forms of aerobic activities which have given my lungs and heart a workout.

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This fitness part has improved my oxygen breathing process and haves me the power to play soccer without stressing my body. Also, the anaerobic forms of fitness have made my body to become more efficient in utilizing the glycogen stored fuels and has assisted me to deal with the oxygen dept. since my muscle power and fortitude as a soccer player do not onlydepend on the physical training only, I have also incorporated proper nutrition in order to ensure maximum performance. As a defender and a defensive midfielder with a responsibility of operating in front of my defense line, I have ensured that I have sufficient strength enable me perform better. Through the above, I have had an experience that a good fitness shape directly implies better performance.

While in the college, I participated as a team player in a football match that was held in Montgomery county Community College. In this game, we were required defeat our opponents for our team to qualify to go to the playoffs which are must win games. In the entire game period of 90 minutes, I devoted myself and together with my team mates we ensured that we emerged the winners. For instance, we were able to defeat our opponents by scoring three goals against their one goal. The winning of our team was as a result of my amazing defense performance. In the game, I played as center defender who is considered the backbone of the team. I operated in between the stopper and the offensive midfielders and I roamed literally from one side to another pressuring the ball.

I stayed behind the attacking line where I collectted the miss-kicks and rebounds and I made the necessary supporting runs and I was able to give the pass options especially at the times when the ball was out near the field side line. In addition, I was very confident and brave and I was able to communicate the right instructions to other players. Finally, I was able to change my playing tactics during the last minutes of the game so as to reduce the risks of being scored another goal. On the other hand I faced some ethical dilemmas especially when our opponents employed trash talking during the match which sometimes lowered my self esteem.

The strong participation in laying soccer has promoted important virtues such as self respect, character building, teamwork, respect for the authority and self confidence which are necessary for me as a student in University of Pittsburgh. Some of my direct benefits of my special experiences in field of soccer while in university include the higher college attendance, greater academic success and small dropout probability. As a soccer player, I have developed a team attitude and learnt how to become protective of other even in other life areas outside soccer and these will enhance my academic excellence in the university.


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