Free Custom «My Sincere Apologies» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Sincere Apologies» Essay Paper


The purpose of writing this letter is to convey my sincere apologies with respect to my conduct that violated Student Conduct Code concerning dishonesty during examination. I inappropriately handed in Monica’s notes to the lab instructor for his perusal, which he mistakenly graded. However, this was not my objective whatsoever. This happened after we were requested to hand in complete speech write ups and the notes by Mr. Chris, our lab instructor. I had not prepared my notes, since during the speech my recorder had unfortunately ran out of battery and, therefore, could not record the proceedings. This meant that I had to rely on some one else and so I had just been given the notes by miss Monica to aid me in my write up when Mr. Chris demanded for them.

I also regret that this act has caused ill effect to other students and some members of staff. There was confusion, where Mr. Chris graded Monica’s papers, which I handed in, although this was not what I intended. As a result Monica earned a zero, though it was her work, and there arose a disagreement between her and Mr. Chris. This was entirely a product of my own blunder which I am absolutely remorseful it happened.

Therefore, I want to offer my deeply heartfelt apologies for that mistake and want to assure you and entire school administration that I will never be involved in such gross misconduct. I have, actually, decided to purchase spare batteries for my recorder to prevent such occurrences again. Also, I have taken time to reread the entire Student Conduct Code and have made sure that it is intact in my memory. In doing this, I believe it will guide me in the future to avoid any conduct that will lead to the violation of the same.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




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