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My Road to Redemption

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I never believed in God. Whenever I heard someone saying “God is the savior of my life.” or “I don’t know what I could do without God in my life.”, I would wonder how naïve people could be. As a young man growing up in a strict and principled family, I am not allowed to do what I want. I dreamed of the day I would go to college and enjoy all the freedom.

I remember my first day in college walking through the main gate, contemplating of all the booze and the girls, and partying with nobody to reprimand me. It was not long before that I had friends, but they were all the wrong friends. I could go drinking from the morning and pick some girls every day. My friends could organize parties all days of the week. I was finally living my dream.

The process went on and on for a year. My grades were very low. I received an academic warning, but I was not concerned as I was living the life I had always desired. When my parents knew of my grades, they showed concern. They warned me, but I thought they were jealous of me and knew nothing about life.

Another semester the cycle was the same: drinking, girls, and even some drugs like marijuana. I remember this day and it will always be fresh in my mind. I had gone to a party of one of my friends and as usual there was a lot of drinking. Then I started a conversation with this girl and it was not long before we were upstairs. The next morning I woke up in my friend’s bed. I went downstairs, and he immediately asked me if I had slept with Jenny. I said ‘Yes’ with a bragging voice.

What he said next stung me like a bee, ‘Go and get tested because Jenny has slept with everyone in campus and I think she is HIV positive.’ I can remember walking home with no hope for life, my life was over. The next three months were like a century to me. I stopped drinking alcohol. I prayed to God to give me a second chance to life. I went to church every day, and I recognized that partying was not the most important thing to do. I realized that church could also be amusing and fulfilling at the same time. After three months, I went to hospital confident that whatever the outcome, I had a life to live and a role to play in my own small way and, surely, God gave me a second chance.

Buy custom My Road to Redemption essay paper cheap

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