Free Custom «My Personal Strategy for Success» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Personal Strategy for Success» Essay Paper

Just as pioneers led the way and forged new grounds, whilst the adventurous are travelers driven by their own curiosity, I strongly believe that being a successful student s not a project but all about the quest and future aspirations. I adequately prepare each and every day to face challenges and try as much as possible to subdue them since life must go on anyway. Some philosophers once said that the roots of education are usually bitter but its fruits are sweet.

The essence of the pioneers introducing this course was to instill knowledge to the students, so as to nurture their future ambitions. Since accomplishing the core objectives of the course is not always an easy task, some of the strategies I use to achieve better results are as discussed. First, focus is my priority strategy. By being focused, one has to set up achievable goals and strive hard to achieve them. In most instances, we students become too ambitious of what future has for us.

Some of us tend to come up with targets to achieve maybe at the end of the semester. Unfortunately, not all objectives are fulfilled. In most cases, the reason behind not achieving the goals is because of being too ambitious and going for targets beyond our reach. Having being a victim of failure before, I therefore came up with a strategy of being goal oriented and setting up achievable goals.

Time consciousness is my strategy number two. Time has been equated with money by majority of the philosophers. Most people consider money as valuable. Further, time is considered valuable too hence time is equal to money. To excel in the entire course, it is mandatory that you be in the right place at the right time and doing something constructive. Success is certain when an individual observes this principle of being time observant. Personally, I come up with a working schedule that allows me to do my revision and assignments efficiently and effectively. This schedule helps in letting me know where I should be at a given time and what to cover at that particular time period. Generally, I attribute a better fraction of my success to this work schedule since it has allowed me to be minimize time waste.

Discipline is another strategy that allows me to be successful in the course. From the virtue of discipline, showing respect to not only the instructors but also to other students is essential. Being a disciplined student has allowed the creation of a friendly atmosphere that allows a serene learning environment. Discipline has further allowed me to interact freely with my tutors such that whenever I need clarification in a given topic, I consult them without taking a second thought.

Most of my work is covered up during the weekdays compared to the weekends. Despite the fact that my weekday schedule is usually tight, I do create time so as to revise whatever has been lectured on that day. I find that confining myself to weekends would not be appropriate since the work would have piled up. Furthermore, after having worked hard during the weekdays, I get a humble time during the weekends of doing others chores such as cleaning and attending group discussions.

I prefer working early in the morning to working at any other time of the day. Usually, I have a high level of concentration in the morning compared to evening. I therefore devote all my efforts to working in the morning hours so as to understand the course effectively and achieve the best results. Eighteen hours is the total sum of hours that I would devote to this course per week.

Since this is my first online course, I would prefer that more reading materials be availed online. Further, the libraries should be stocked with all the relevant materials of this course. To sum up, my concern about this course is not only to better my own performance but also to see my fellow students excelling. To address this concern, creation of open forums between students and the tutors will be of create importance. This will allow us to come up with course objectives and work together to achieve them.



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