Free Essay Sample «My Personal Statement»

Free Essay Sample «My Personal Statement»

In the last semester, my grades were neither pleasant nor satisfactorily. My grades dropped from an aggregate of a strong B to an appalling E. Due to this fact, the academic review board has placed me under Academic Dismissal. This has not only served to worsen my relations with my dad but also caused a lot of distress and regret on my end.

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The just concluded semester was very stressful unlike any other. My parents separated after a bitter quarrel at the beginning of the semester and have been locked in a court case over divorce ever since. Owing to these, my dad has turned to alcoholism to bury his sorrows. He has become very unruly, noisy and violent. This has made studying in the house almost impossible. The fact that I fell sick one month to the examination date and was unable to attend classes for two weeks and failed to sit for two Continuous Assessment Tests does not help matters at all.

It is in view of this and after a lot of soul-searching that I have decided to come up with solutions to avoid dismissal. My uncle has already talked my father into seeing a counseling psychologist. This will lighten my emotional burden and enable me to concentrate on my academics. Next semester, I shall live in the college’s halls of residence. This will go a long way in creating a quiet, studious environment. I shall also fix extra preparatory classes in my timetable in the evenings and weekends to cover the extra units that I will have to re-sit. I have vowed to attend all lectures, write all notes necessary and carry out research where the need be. Finally, I will endeavor to notify my lecturers when I am sick in order to avoid missing Continuous Assessment Tests. I shall abide by these resolutions and I will not be swayed by any amount of peer pressure whatsoever. (Turbak, 2001)


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