Free Essay Sample «My Personal Statement»

Free Essay Sample «My Personal Statement»

Traveling is one of the things that enhance the growth of minds. I have been to several countries during my life in high school and college. All the journeys that I made were characterized by strong cultural atmospheres, amazing events and marvelous people. Through the travelling, I realized that language which is one symbol of culture played a very significant role in communicating with the local people hence I was forced to learn some local languages whenever I wanted to visit a new country. Because of that, I am in a position to communicate using the basic Japanese and a bit of Greenlandic. To boost my communication capabilities, I am planning to learn Spanish, Korean and French in a period of three years. Also, culture is depicted by people and their activities. While in Japan, I was able to realize an event that impressed me most and gave me a spirit of persistence and gave me the courage of trying anything even if it was impossible and I realized the significance of willingness to try new things that supported my experiments in college. I realized that cooking activities was important when travelling and they represented different cultures as people prepared foods that were in line with their traditions and culture. Through this, I learnt a very important lesson that for one to succeed in an experiment, patience, creativity and carefulness were some of the vital requirements.

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During our summer of the year 2009, we had a long journey to Greenland through which I got an amazing experience. I completed a volunteer work and made my dream of supporting my college experiments come true. While in Greenland, we managed built an official tour guide footpaths in Ilulissat and reconstructed the water supply systems in Qoomgoq in a time period of one month. I spent more ten days travelling to the northern part of Greenland to try to live in the primitive conditions that are found there. This was a very big challenge to me but I had to something that was beneficial to the citizens of that country. These harsh conditions were due to the presence of icebergs and greenhouse effect and a realized that those parts had insufficient human civilization and technology. I realized that the main factor that contributed to a very slow growth rate and development of technology was the harsh primitive living conditions in the region. Through the experiences, I was motivated to pursue a graduate degree in order to gain more knowledge that will enable me week in the global arena. I have always had ambitions unlike other group members which made me to convene a study group where we read various scientific papers in order to enhance the understandings of researches and broaden the horizons of cross-field studies.

In this group of six members, everyone has to represent a report on the self-selected journal paper once in two weeks and he/she made sure that others were able to realize the main thoughts of the paper and more importantly introduced the main concepts behind this research. Although the exercise proofed to be challenging tiresome due to the heavy courses in junior, all the group members considered it as being beneficial. Our good work motivated other students who finally developed an interest of joining the group after our last assembly but it is unfortunate for them since the study group stands for one semester due to my decision and ambition to focus on my lab works. I believe I will maintain this spirit and bring it to the University of Michigan. I am very optimistic that you will grant me a chance of pursuing my studies and achieving my dreams at your reputable university.


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