Free Custom «My Personal Experiences» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Personal Experiences» Essay Paper

I have the feeling that as I am growing older and learning more, indeed, life has also started to generate some more sense. I was born and brought up in a small town, under a class system that could be specifically considered as a middle-upper class society. Despite the fact that it was discovered that I was suffering from a disorder at the age of five, referred to as Attention Deficit Disorder, most of the family members had no knowledge that the disorder was actually a condition that would have affect on the whole my life. It actually provided learning distinction in the sense that I started developing some of the other emotional disorders, such as depression, mild bi-polar disorder, and lately I have been showing mild dyslexia symptoms. Nonetheless, my family has been wealthy and privileged enough to offer me the most excellent education (3, 4 & 5 TCO).

I was determined to pursue the sociology course that has enabled me to acquire some knowledge about factual societal issues. Indeed, the learning process has enabled me to look back on my past and discover what the future holds for me. This assignment has offered me the chance to reflect on my experiences and explore the various social influences, which have modeled me (3 & 7 TCO).

I was only fifteen years old when I graduated from high school, and I can say that I was not actually prepared for life, since I was not sure what I should expect from it. I passed my exams good enough and managed to secure a place in an institution of higher learning. One notable aspect about this institution is that it is dedicated to working with students that have leaning differences and offers them a specialized type of education. Furthermore, the professors offered individual attention to each of the students. However, I had to experience a different type of setting and that made me to undergo through a culture shock. Besides, the fact that I had to stay away from my usual friends and family, since I was in another country with people from other cultural backgrounds, distressed my emotions making me disoriented (Barzilai, 2003). This environment was totally different compared to that of where I had been born (1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 TCO). I made many friends, but I sometimes felt as if I was being discriminated by some members of the group since I was Spanish. They had a general negative attitude towards the Spanish speakers, and I felt that their own culture was superior to the others (Schaefer, 2009). However, I took the initiative of educating them on the need to respect other students from different cultural backgrounds (6, 7 & 8 TCO).

I remember one remarkable experience I had on spring holidays when I visited a close friend at Denver. It had been a Holy week. However, considering the fact that my friend’s family was a very religious one, I had an opportunity to get acquainted with the American Catholic culture, and that was totally distinctive from whatever I knew, despite the fact that we shared most of the religious beliefs. Despite the language barriers, I was able to note that the sermons took long, but their songs were actually great (3 & 7 TCO).

Back in college, we were also offered the chance to tour other countries. As usual, some of my college friends behaved in a manner that seemed to contravene the standards of conduct towards the other races (Schaefer, 2009) (5, 6, 7, & 8 TCO). All in all, traveling to other countries gave me a delightful experience and a unique learning opportunity, as I was able to learn and interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Besides, I managed to learn different languages and religious beliefs, and I saw the world from a different view - totally different from whatever I thought it was (Barzilai, 2003). Indeed, this gave me the urge to learn more in life (1, 2, 3, & 4 TCO).

I also had an opportunity to work as a marketing assistant manager in one of the renowned companies in Miami during one of my long holidays. This was a wonderful job with a lot of benefits, which gave me the chance to learn about the economic issues facing our societies. In addition, I was able to learn about the economic system and its operations within the commercial community. My moral ethics and work proved challenging after going back to school, as I had to handle both work and education. At times I felt pressure as I wanted to be a professional and I wanted to continue with my journey. I had to pursue both. I realized that at the end, I would gain not only work experience, but I would also acquire the knowledge that would enable me to attain my dream targets. The school and job experience have also offered an opportunity to explore different kinds of social control (1-8 TCO).

Indeed writing this socioautobiography has enabled me to explore the relationship between biography (slice of my life), social structure and culture incorporating multicultural issues (5 TCO), such as class division, higher learning, ethnicity and racial differences, along with the identified issues of ethnic and racial discrimination within the social organizations (7 -8 TCO). It has enabled me to reflect on my life and experiences, which have actually changed my views on the society with its diverse cultures (4-7 TCO).



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