Free Custom «My Mentor» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Mentor» Essay Paper

It was my first day in my new pre-school and my mother had accompanied to school. We were many of us, also accompanied by either their parents or guardians. We all waited in the main office for admission and soon a teacher came and showed us our classroom. She was Ms. Gambill.

She was tall, slim with long hair. Although she was strict, I liked her because she was really concerned and ensured that we enjoyed learning while in school. She set the best foundation in me and I will be forever grateful. She was one teacher who impacted my life most, to me she turned out to be more than a teacher. She became my mother, my friend and yes, the teacher she was.

Ms. Gambill was a friend in so many ways. I could talk her about anything and she was always there for me. She listened to all my worries and advised me accordingly. I always counted her to be there for me. If I had a bad day, she ensured that I brightened, and with her broad friendly smile she could make my day. There was I day I picked a fight with a classmate of mine, because she had tried to make fun of me. Ms. Gambill came over to us and advised us that fighting was not the best solution and it is not always the answer. She instilled the best attributes to me as a child.

As a child who was growing up, I did not always make the right decision, but she ensured that I got back on the right track. Ms. Gambill was my mother away from home. Being young and away from home, school used to be scary to me but she ensured that I was at home, literally. She ensured that I had all the necessary stationeries and was concerned when my homework was not done.

Ms. Gambill was also a mentor and a teacher to me. She was quiet a teacher, a patron of science club in our school, she ensured that i was a member of the club. Soon I developed love for science and really enjoyed it. I also excel in maths and she encouraged me to go on, she used to tell me, “science and maths are not a boys discipline but for girls also, you are going to excel in them.” She really set the pace for me.

I have had wonderful teachers. But Ms. Gambill has been and will be one of the best teachers that I will never forget. She has been all to me; caring, kind, supportive, sincere and above all my mentor. She is my hero as she influenced my earlier life with good attributes and a strong academic path. Am really grateful to Ms Gambill.


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