Free Custom «My Future Plan: Career Goals» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Future Plan: Career Goals» Essay Paper

Quite often, we come across persons who express disaffection towards their incumbent careers or jobs. In essence, assorted reasons for any form of dissatisfaction with one’s career are usually highlighted. For instance, one may not be happy with his or her work schedule. In addition, one may seem uncomfortable when in company of his co-workers or colleagues. Frequently, drifts amid the bosses and their employees have been cited as being the prime causative agents of career discontent. However, the imminent argument is that such reasons are a mere cover of other reasons that ought to have been solved even at childhood. Essentially, it is principally viable only when someone has a clear thought concerning his or her career goals as well as objectives. This is the lone source of ultimate career satisfaction thus enable one to progress at an elevated rate when compared to his or her colleagues lacking career visions. The incumbent question that arises as a result of the abovementioned assertion is on what really encompasses career goals. This study identifies and describes the career goal that I deem vital and imperative in molding my future. In addition, the study will assess the influence of technology on the identified career goals. Finally, this exertion will develop an educational plan that will be utilized in achieving the aforementioned career objectives and goals. A recap of the study will espouse the consultations provided by the Occupational Outlook Handbook; a publication of the United States’ department of Labor.

To begin with, a list of my career goals is presented hereunder. Firstly, a growth in my resource base will receive an elevated priority. In essence, change is constant. Thus, to cope aptly with such changes, one ought to uphold a sustained and competitive resource base. I particular, my prime resource is education. My intent is to remain dynamic and equip myself with erudite resource base so that I can be competitive in terms of career dynamics. Thus, by continually upgrading my knowledge and other supportive resources will enhance my professional growth and suit anywhere as an employee. Secondly, the financial aspect will not escape my career goal list. Quite often, when an employee feels he or she is being underpaid, drifts, frustrations and underperformance may characterize his or her career life. In my career goals, the fiscal aspect is thus imperative. A similar case (of being lethargic) may arise if one is overpaid. In this regard, my goal is to obtain a career that pays proportionally with my career position. Finally, satisfaction, stability as well as new experiences complete my list. For satisfaction purposes, I am ready to test and enhance the career that will suit my satisfaction as above mentioned. New experiences leave my dynamic to venture into any form of career related activities devoid of any worries or discontent.

Technology will undoubtedly influence the aforementioned career goals. In essence, influence of technology may be positive or negative. To begin with, it is obvious that my career goals are dependent on technology for them to be realized. This presents a challenge that, achieving any or even all of my career goals, I ought to develop interest in technology. Just like change, technological advents and dynamism are inevitable (Kirschner & Woperies 2003). To develop my resource growth academically as well as professionally, I will embrace technology. For instance, the learning process has become an online undertaking. In addition, virtually all leading organizations utilize ICT systems all the way from management, streaming down to processing and marketing. Thus, devoid of ICT knowledge, programming, and software development will determine my resource base and career suitability. Concerning the financial aspect, technology will influence its acquisition, management as well as its productivity; for instance, one ought to be conversant with electronic and digital fiscal processing, for them to be efficient mangers. Similarly, technology will dictate my accommodation into specific careers that I deem will meet my satisfaction.

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Lastly, an elaborate educational plan is mandatory in achieving the set career goals. In this regard, an effective educational curriculum is mandatory. At an early level, (kindergarten up to high school level), the curriculum will endeavor to guide and nurture students in realizing the importance of developing career objectives at childhood. At college level, students can then be trained on specific career oriented disciplines in which they are allowed to major. At university level, course content has to be more refined and more focused on specific areas of study including finance, social being and satisfaction. Vital for an educational plan to meet my career goals is that, entrepreneurship courses, critical and creative thinking as well as ICT courses ought to be taught as common courses to each student.

To recap this study, it is evident that career goals are principally objectives one develops that will guide him or her in realizing their dreams. To this end, this study underpins prime goals to include resource growth, satisfaction, and financial base and new experiences. Technology is the backbone to each of these goals (DoL, 2011). The study in its educational plan recommends that finance and entrepreneurship, critical thinking and social satisfaction be taught as common courses at all levels of education.


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