Free Custom «My Favorite Classes» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Favorite Classes» Essay Paper

Hospitality Industries has been one of my most favorite classes. I have learnt a lot from the class and I believe that I am by far much better than those who haven’t had a chance to attend one. This class has rekindled my thinking of the billionaires and made me think like one. It is a multibillion dollar industry that focuses on the vacation and throwaway income.

Through this course, I have been able to familiarize myself with the hospitality industry, the industry trends, the types of services and products the customers need and the careers involved. I have learnt to align my thinking with the requirements put across by the customers to endeavor in my career.

The course is associated with the hospitality sectors like the hotel and restaurants, tourism, travel, accommodation, trade associations and growth trends and the need for creativity in the hospitality industry.

In this class, I learnt to be a strategic planner taking into account the planning processes. I have acquired management ethics and various social responsibilities. I have as well studies on how the course is related to functional management and the international trade. Basing my strength in this achievement, I can organize design hospitality and services that meet my clients’ needs. The class has enabled me to understand the relationship between the hospitality industry and the international business. In addition, I have learnt that leisure and recreation is part of my management responsibility as I intend to provide quality services.

I have learnt to be keen on attending to my clients. Having a pleasant face is necessary for the success of the hospitality industry. I have developed personalities like being a hard working staff; maintain a high professional portfolio, readiness to handle situations and sacrificing. These skills can allow me to work with careers in the lodging, food and beverage and recreation services sectors.

I am different from other individuals who haven’t taken the course in many perspectives. First of all is that I have the professionalism in handling the hospitality industry jobs. Secondly is that I can competitively handle my career and maintain my trends f\basing on what I learnt in class. I can learn into different environments with an understanding. Lastly, I have an opportunity to explore various fields that are limited to those who have had the course.



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