Free Custom «My Dream Career» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Dream Career» Essay Paper

Life can be shallow and unrewarding for many students who live each day without any plans for the future and little thoughts about helping others. For many, this might seem like an understatement, but I come across some of my friends and school mates who have not had the opportunity to discover this truth for them selves. I always feel confident about the goals I have established for myself in the past few years. Many people who don't understand me or meet me for the first time often think that I am similar other youths who live life as it comes. What they fail to understand is that I am a serious person who knows what I want in this life, and that is joining medical school and graduating with the best grades and the enough expertise to pursue a career in nursing after college.

Considering the experience that I have gotten over the years, I believe that I have what it takes to purse a career as a doctor in medical school. I completed a nursing assistant course, which enlightened me on the challenges that doctors face in the nursing field. Since I wanted to go to medical school, I wanted to understand what it takes to be a good doctor and that is why I did this nursing assistant course. I also did some voluntary work at the Evergreen hospital, where I got the chance to meet, talk and help many patients who had different medical problems.

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This gave me an opportunity of understanding the needs of the sick and how to help them overcome their problems. Moreover, I did help many people who had been affected by Katrina in New Orleans after school. In a bid to enhance my experience in health care field, I attended the Gonzaga University Health Care Week Program, where I learnt what it entails to be a good doctor. As a result I believe that being a doctor in nursing is not only rewarding, but also fulfilling. Joining Medical School will give me self satisfaction because I have always wanted to help other people with their health needs.

I have always relished the career of being the best doctor since I was a kid. My family, which values education, has always been there for me both financially and in advice. This lifelong dream has been my motivation throughout; thus, I make maximum use of every opportunity that presents itself with the seriousness it deserves. I understand that joining the Medical School is the only way I can achieve this dream; therefore, I won’t take anything for granted if I am given the opportunity.


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