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My Decision

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Since my childhood, I have always had great interest for physical therapy profession. Over years, my interest for the profession has intensified, even motivating me to seek admission into the school of physical therapy. I am intrigued by physical therapy profession because it is a rewarding job that gives me an opportunity to help patients stand and provide experienced and compassionate care to the sick.

Physical therapy profession is a well rewarding job. Unlike many jobs, being a physical therapy profession will reward me for the efforts that I put into my work. Whereas I do not emphasis on monetary rewards only, I am confident that this profession will give me an opportunity to get both momentary and non-monetary benefits. Nonetheless, I am hopeful that I will earn a competitive salary that would allow me to support me family, as well as attend to my needs.

My interest in helping people is another reason that motivates me into taking the physical therapy profession. In my childhood, I remember helping my peers whenever we used to play together in the neighbor and giving such help is now part of me. As physical therapy professional, I see myself providing help to those who are unable to walk and enjoy good health. To be specific, I look forwards to helping patients stand to their feet after having stroke, heart attack of surgery. Indeed, this goal will become possible once I acquire skills and experience in the physical therapy school.

The goal of offering an experienced and compassionate care is one of the reasons that compel me to join the physical therapy school. To me, nothing parallels professional services rendered with experience and compassion. After my graduation from the school of physical therapy, I am convinced that I will excel in the physical therapy professional by providing services in a professional way with a touch of compassionate.

Buy custom My Decision essay paper cheap

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