Free Custom «My Autobiography» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Autobiography» Essay Paper

I was born in Sarasota, Florida. This is the place I also grew up. However, we moved to New York after I finished my elementary school. I started going to school at an early age of four. I attended Brookside elementary school up to the eighth grade. It is at the eighth grade that I was awarded for being the best performing student of the year, I was very happy. From here I attended Junior High School of Excellence, in New York. I live with my parents. My father is a professor and my mother works as a nurse. I have one sister, whom I love vey much.

When I was still young, I hated school because I had to wake up very early each morning so that I don’t arrive to school late, but my older brother kept on encouraging me. I remember I cried on my first day in a school environment. I was really scared because I was not used to being alone with such a group of children, but my class teacher, Mrs. Jane, was very kind to me. She comforted me and told me everything is going to be fine. My brother, who was ahead of me by three classes, came every break time to make sure that everything was well with me. I eventually got used to school and made a lot of friends.

However, I came to realize that education is a very important thing in our lives when I joined high school. That was when I realized that I had to work hard in school, so that my future could be as bright as a shining star. Getting educated will make an individual decide wisely in future decisions in addition to getting a well paying job. I thank God I came to realize this. My father, who is my idol, encouraged me to perform well and become the best in school. My advice to all who are pursuing education is that, try your best and achieve the most while in school. Make use of the teachers because they shape our lives in the best way they can.

I believe that my four years in high school were the best. It is the time that I grew more socially, emotionally as well as intellectually. I managed to learn a lot about life as well as important lessons on how I could overcome fear and failure. I have our college advisors to thank. I had decided a long time ago to pursue higher education; that was after my first month in high school. My father had always encouraged me to do physics and math, so that I could be a professor in science, just like him. My class teacher realized that I was very good in the sciences and also encouraged me to pursue higher education in fields relating to the two subjects.

When in school, there were a lot of people who had an impact upon my educational life. I had a good relationship with most of the teachers, especially my English teacher. He was the one who guided me academically as well as in life generally. He helped me choose the subjects I would do carefully and encouraged me when I did not perform well. Moreover, I had very supportive parents. She literally sacrificed everything in her power to see to it that I succeed both at school, and at home. She could help me with my homework even when she was tired from work. My dad is good at math and that is where he came in and helped me in doing math quiz.

When I look back, I realize I miss many of my friends. My best friend, Paddy, was the most supportive. We attended the same elementary school and also went to the same high school. We were never separated; we consulted each other in all the things we did. On the other hand, I had other classmates who wanted to see my downfall. They did not want to see me succeed in academics at all. I remember one day I arrived at school early in the morning only to find my desk broken into. But, I thank God for them, because they taught me that life is not always easy, there are those who would be jealous of your success.

In conclusion, I believe that life means having family and friends who can be there for you all the time. More often than not, I make my school days go by thinking of what I am going to do next, which will make my life and for those around me a paradise on earth. Ten years from now, I see myself being called a professor with a loving family by my side. Every time I sit back and consider what has happened in my past, my current life, as well as my future goals, I always thank God and everyone who has contributed to making me who I am right now.


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