Free Custom «My Academic Appeal Letter» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Academic Appeal Letter» Essay Paper

I have been a student in this college for the last one year. I have been pursuing Wu grade and I have been proceeding very well. However, I did attend classes I signed up for the third semester because I fell sick after the second semester. I woke up one morning and started feeling dizzy and fatigue which later resulted to headaches and sleepless nights. I had a very stressing moment after I was diagnosed with a very serious disease and realized that my studies will be interrupted and more so to imagine that my dream to clear my course are now grounded to a halt.

In addition, after I was discharged from the hospital my illness left me confined in the house and so I could not work to support my up keep. I felt very lonely and stressed and this eventually resulted to a depression. The fact that my life took a different direction made me feel worthless and almost committed suicide. Luckily, my neighbors discovered I was ailing and came handy to support me both materially and emotionally and thanks to them I am now recuperating. I have medical documents with details of my admission and the treatment I received at Dobson memorial hospital from July to October this year.

I value my studies very much and the fact they were terminated worsened my health situation. I did not know until recently that there is a new student seminar where students meet with a counselor once a week for the first 12 week session. Had I known this I totally believe it could have helped me recover from the depression faster.

Lastly, I would like to request to be allowed to change the WU grade am pursuing to W for this I feel would be the most appropriate for me. I hope you will consider my case and would wish to discuss the matter further with you in your office.

Sincerely yours,

Maureen Koech.



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