Free Custom «Muisc» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Muisc» Essay Paper

At the age of nine I very frequently found playing the piano a very boring and exhausting task. I simply could not bring myself to understand the reason behind any sane person pressing the same two keys over and over again. The art of playing the piano nearly proved to be a difficult endeavor for me but persevered and become more determined and finally I was able to work hard and master very difficult pieces. Today, I enjoy playing the piano as an art and also a hobby, in fact it is the hobby I love and cherish the most. I can easily play one of Chopin’s doleful Mazurkas or even Edvard Grieg's swift Prelude.

Over the years I have been able to develop my interest and knowledge in music and musical concepts in general. My experience as a pianist has helped me to better unerstand and appreciate music and its environment. I have shared most of my expressions and ideas in music with others by participating in several recitals from a very early edge.

I really enjoy modern music genres despite the fact that I play music from the romantic and classical periods. I also posses very fine qualities in analyzing and interpreting music which I acquired from the music theory course that I undertook at my current school. The course has also helped me improve my capabilities to read and be able to understand music and musical concepts. In addition to this, the course has also refined my skills in harmonic analysis of chord progression and composition. I recently passed the ABRSM Grade 5 Music theory exam with merit.

As a pianist music helps me in relaxattion and most importantly is that fact that music has become a way in which I can express my own thoughts and fillings. I have really enjoyed expressing myself because it makes my music come to life and have deeper meaning than just the melody. I use my music to profess my emotion most of the times that I am performing.

Being a pianist is not the only thing that defines me, I am very involved in dramatics. I played the role of Clarence in the play King Richard III during a Shakespeare festival hosted by my school. Due to my active participation in drama, I have been able to improve my confidence and communication skills. I am currently a member of the Spectacle (a theater club at my school) and recently we performed Spoon River Anthology. The performance was liked by most of the people in the audiences.


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