Free Custom «Motivation for Taking the Masters » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Motivation for Taking the Masters » Essay Paper

I intend to take a course in master of studies in sustainability leadership. Several factors are motivating me to take a masters degree in this course. First, within a period of two years, I will graduate with a master in sustainability leadership. This short period of study is one of the factors that motivate me to take this course. In addition, I will be learning on a part-time basis and this will enable me to go on with my job in full-time basis.

Another factor that is motivating me to take a master in sustainability studies is that I have done my first degree in business economics, which is a department that works in conjunction with the department of sustainability leadership. In this connection, I have some little knowledge about my master course.

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By taking a master in sustainability leadership, I will gain an essential understanding of the most current and important social, ecological, ethical and economic difficulties that the world is facing, Michael L. (2004). I have always had interest in understanding current issues facing the world and therefore a master in sustainability leadership will enable me to achieve my goal. Moreover, I have an interest in knowing the ways in which leaders help to realize positive change in the problems facing the people thus taking a master in sustainability studies will be of great advantage in ensuring good leadership even in my work place.

Another thing that motivates me to take a master in sustainability leadership is that this course will expose me to the most excellent practice case studies, Michael L. (2004). More over, by the time am through with this course, I will be able to ensure sustainability in my organization through good leadership. Lastly, this course will give me skills to critically think and conduct researches on various issues. At the end of the course, I will be able to achieve development of other people and me through sustainability leadership.


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