Free Custom «Major Life Event » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Major Life Event » Essay Paper

Life is full of trial, sometimes soft, and sometime strange. There are two major factors i.e. psychological, and social that greatly affects life. Sometimes, these factors bring total change to one’s life. Indeed, it is epiphany that leads you to self awareness. Moreover, the sudden realization not only affects your current status, but also develops your personality for future.

Did any major life event affect your development in some way?

My major life event was happened in my early age. It was the time, when I did not possess sufficient understanding of myself. I was struggling because of the missing interpersonal communication trait, and my fellows laugh on me due to my unconfident personality. I always use to be scare and reserve, even owning brilliant knacks and exceptional talent. In gathering, it was like dummy sentiments I have.  

Latterly, suddenly, my sense of realization has given me a wakeup call. It was surprising for me to feel unusual; actually, gradually I have learnt to lead myself. Eventually, I have got full control on myself; it was amazing to be leader of myself. I have been changed from dummy to talented communal.         

How did it affect you? 

Evaluating the affect, I personally establish a feeling, that now I hold great level of communalism talent in me. After change, I am not an unconfident as well as kind of person who irritates others and works for personal interest. In short, latterly, my friends say about me that I do not have unconfident personality anymore. But, actually I work for and with others very openly, and that is why my friends characterized me as a good human being.

Do you think most people would have reacted to that event in a similar way?

I believe, yes, the people who actually have epiphany. They really change themselves in a way like I have changed me. The two thing you need are talent and confidence, because, only talent is never enough. You have to have a strong and confident personality to apply your talent practically. And I believe that most people would have reacted to that event in a similar way, like me.



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