Letter Writing Requires some Specialized Knowledge and Skills

Free Essay Sample «Letter Writing Requires some Specialized Knowledge and Skills»

Dear Mr

I am writing to you concerning new rule requiring all the senior students to take additional English course in basic letter writing before they will be able to graduate. While I understand that the new regulation will help the students to excel in their language skills and even will be a good preparation for the future life, I want to share my concerns about this rule and the effect it might have on the students.

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Letter writing requires some specialized knowledge and skills that many students will benefit from during their life. Writing a friendly letter might not be such a difficult task, however, knowing how to write a formal or business letter, the format and style of which require special leaning might be a challenge for many. Properly written letter might bring success, while failing to follow some basic rules might be crucial in some circumstances. For these and many other reasons I believe that English course in basic letter writing is an excellent idea for any student, however, the senior years are very intense, considering that the majority of students are preparing for the graduation and following enrollment, so they are very occupied with their future education and life. They are adjusting their schedules to allow time for extra studies for the classes they already taking, allotting time to retake classes they might have failed previously etc. Some students might want to take classes in the areas they have more interest in. Therefore, the additional course that students will have to incoorporate into their schedule might put a lot of pressure and create additional stress to them rather than bring a positive result. Surely, the students should be encouraged to explore that field of study, however, if they are pushed into taking the course right before they graduate, they will do it, albeit half-heartedly, and will not benefit from it as much as desired.

English course in basic letter writing is a wonderful idea, but implementing it in the senior year before graduation might be a very challenging task for many students. They should be encouraged to acquire letter writing skill. After all, it should not be mandatory to avoid additional stress during the turbulent and difficult year before the graduation.


Free Essay Sample «Letter Writing Requires some Specialized Knowledge and Skills»


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