Free Custom «Interest in Media» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Interest in Media» Essay Paper

Since I was young, I had great interest in art and design, and media with my main objective being to be a TV director. My interest in becoming a TV director developed as I grow thus this was one of the factors that made me to join graphic and design school with an objective of being a TV director. Since then I have been working hard in both academic. I did fairly well in school where I passed highly. While at school, I designed quite a number of graphics some of which were used in school competitions and earn the school high marks then saw it emerging number one. This gave me a bright future and enhanced further my objective of becoming a TV director.

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Currently, I am a graphic designer in children channel with five years of experience in media, including art direction, prints design, 2d animation, and logo design also have my own photography studio, and I worked with lots of celebrities in the Middle East. This year I produced and direct my first children theater musical the witch and the swan princess inspired by swan lack, I wrote the scripts and the songs and worked with music composers and musicians. I'm passionate of all kinds of arts specially directing and producing.

Nevertheless, despite all these achievements, it is apparent I have not attained my objective- becoming a TV director- hence this is the main reason as to why I am applying for the film/Video school. Despite the existence of many film/video schools, I have chosen () as the school where I will pursue my objective successfully. This is not only due to its popularity and famous about its good performance and producing highly qualified students, but also due to its favorable atmosphere that is appropriate for pursuing film/video course. () has adequate and highly skilled teachers who are ready and willing to support learners at any given time so as to see them being successful. Both students and teachers at () have high degree of respect to one another thus making it even a better place to be. I am therefore confident that by joining (), I will be in a good position to become a TV director upon completion of my course since I will highly equipped with the all necessary skills that is required to become a TV director. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank teachers, students and the entire staff for providing me this opportunity. I am ready to join you any time from now as I look forward for a great moment and humble time in your school. 


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