Free Custom «Intent» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Intent» Essay Paper

I am writing to express my sincere interest in applying for a Masters in Public Administration at your International University. My name is Bader Mohamed and I am currently a 2nd Lieutenant with a B.S of Business Administration and a minor in Criminal Justice from the Military college of South Carolina, Class of 09. At the military college I had a perfect 4.0 GPA, and finished 6th top of my class. My studies in Business Administration and Criminal Justice made me an active member of the school where I became a member of the International Students Club, and Middle Eastern Society. Having interest in leadership I was elected to “Who’s Who among Student’s in American Colleges and Universities.” This was in recognition of my excellence in all disciples that included academics, physical training, community work and military. I have also been inducted to Beta Gamma Sigma for the honors of international Society of Business Administration, and the honor society of phi kappa phi.

The most beneficial experience I had when pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration was obtained through classes that involved engaging in consultancy faculty for real consumers. This did not only introduce me to effective business communication, prioritization, presentations and fiscal responsibilities, but opened me up to diplomatic ways of dealing with client relationships and the importance of making them happy. My education in Criminal Justice was a key foundation to my career in law enforcement. I was taught to turn to my God daily in my career and in everything I do. I was also taught to hold my standards high and to answer to God first. This was supposed to help me maintain standards to my police chiefs and commanders. From the education I received from criminal justice, I am able to balance my profession with my social needs.

After graduation I worked for the ministry of interior in the kingdom of Bahrain where in my first year I worked at the Royal Police Academy. At the academy, I was a battalion commander and was in charge of around 500 cadets. I observed their academics, discipline and was to oversee them in their daily tasks. I was supposed to set examples and standard for the cadets to look up to, and live up with. From police academy, I was transferred to the office of the Chief of Police, where I worked with statistics and helped the Director of the Chief of Police office in the execution of the daily tasks at the office.

My basic primary goal is to develop a positive effect on my subordinates and future professional activities. In targeting this, I will stimulate my juniors to take into considerations circumstances from different perspectives they normally encounter so as to adopt in everyday situations. This will help people around me to develop long term career habits from self motivated learning. I expect to improve from this association because it provides for ways in which instructions can be improved by use of technology. When I engage in wide practices such as planning, application, studying and producing good public relations, I stand a better chance of impacting a wider population by the creativity and knowledge.

Public Administration as the most recognized association in dealing with a wide range of educational technology that provides audience and a forum for exchange and propagation of information will help me define a discipline and professional program that brings together people, communication and technology. I will be able to serve and represent administrators and people in the field and give them the support needed in order to stimulate professional growth. This will give me the platform I have always yearned for to promote policies that will ensure that there is a humane and moral use of communication, technologies, and the public at all levels of administration endeavors. With extreme interest in working for the public good through administration, my goal is to become a successful Director for Government Affairs in the private sector, for a lobbyist organization such as that of Human Resources Directorate of Finance Department.

I am already pursuing Masters of Criminal Justice at Florida International University, and doing a joint program will help me because of the structure of the ministry of interior is very broad. It is not limited only to law enforcement jobs. Pursuing Masters in Public Administration will therefore help me achieve my objective. I am interested in a university with an impeccable international reputation, professional academic environment and culturally diverse class. Obtaining a Masters in Public Administration from Florida International University will provide me with the best possible work and study conditions that will enable me to achieve the credentials I need to be competitive in the public Administration workforce. One of the strongest features of Florida International University that separates from other universities is its practicum component in the Public Administration program that will provide opportunities for me to gain relevant practical experience in public relations settings. The university will allow me to utilize my academic abilities along with my passion for the field and consequently help me to become an advocate for change.

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I am willing to enjoy a Masters education in Public Administration and through the help of Florida International University I will achieve my goals. From my commitment and ability at the University Graduate Program, Masters in Public Administration, is based on my sole interest in quality education system. With primary interest in pursuing change through government and ethical standard, I will enjoy the benefits of location and access to those who are creating and changing government today.



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