Free Custom «Intellectual Curiosities» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Intellectual Curiosities» Essay Paper

My name is Sofia, and I am eighteen years old. I speak several languages, and this has stemmed my curiosity in various parts of the social nature. I speak English, French and Portuguese fluently.

Performing arts just like the name means an art that is enacted before an audience. It can also be defined as skills that require performance in public. These skills can be music, dance and drama. An art is a study that tries to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills. They are not intended to be like a professional or occupational skill.

My interest in music is tremendously big. I love singing along to music and also listening to others sing. Music is the act of singing or providing a performance through music. Dancing is also part of my curiosities. It is a series of taking steps rhythmically and movements in response to music. I always dance to music when I am not busy.

Acting is also part of my leisure activity. I love watching live dramatic scenes and I also do act sometimes when I get the chance. Taking part in a performance of a play or a dramatic scene is what gives me happiness.

My interests in social science are because of my curiosity to understand the human mind (psychology). It is also due to trying to understand how different cultures are organized (Sociology). My other part time in this field is the desire to understand human behavior and to be knowledgeable on prehistoric sites that Social science is an academic field that studies human society and the relationship of humans in the society. It also involves studying the relationship of human beings to the society. It includes such fields as sociology, anthropology, psychology and criminology.

Language is a group of words used for communication and is common to a certain group of people, for example, English is common to the American people, the Britons and several other people in the world. I have a big interest in knowing and speaking different languages. I speak English, French and Portuguese. I also have a curious interest on Asian languages like Japanese, Chinese and Thai. My interests are also speaking Hebrew and Russian Languages.



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