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Individualism and the Intellectuals

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I vehemently affirm to Durkheim notion or rather way of thinking that “no society can be coherent if there does not exist among its members a certain intellectual and moral community”. My society is a civil society and it’s mainly composed of individuals sharing a collective way of actions towards their areas of interests, objectives and personal values. A coherent society refers to a group of people that strive to maintain the smooth running of operations of the day to day activities within a given set of environment. This basically means that in this kind of society there is prevailing peace and harmony. It’s clearly evident that Durkheim develops individualistic rights that advocates for respect for other human beings since in his theory he claims that human beings are sacred as there is a religious channel that links them to a greater super human being. According to him “intellectual’s possess the responsibility of performing rational judgment to problems of practical morality in the face of enthusiasms of the crowd and the subsequent prestige of relevant authority” (Luke 19).Some of my friends and I do participate solely to matters pertaining intellectual responsibility since in civil societies it’s a fundamental objective of each and every individual to act the same  and failure to act rationally basically implies that there would be absence of fair judgment and justice. A society that lack intellectuals is deemed to fail in the sense that the political stability of the society would be in turmoil by elements of dictatorships and injustices.

Buy custom Individualism and the Intellectuals essay paper cheap

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