Free Custom «I Wish I Was in Italy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «I Wish I Was in Italy» Essay Paper

I really long to visit Italy very soon and I just wish I was in Italy. Italy is a beautiful country with many historical cities which attract many tourists to the country through out the year. The most appropriate time to visit Italy it's during summer and autumn. Most people who visit Italy mainly goes there to view the historical cities such as Rome, see the mountains and visit beautiful beaches and have a taste of the rich culture and authentic/traditional meals which are served there (Barkerkjian, 2010).

I would wish to visit most of the cities in Italy and the mode of transport which I would prefer from one city to another is by use of Train transport wish is inexpensive while in the city I would use public transport which I have been informed they have reliable transport within the cities. I am mostly interested to visit Rome which is widely refereed to "Rome was not built in a day" I would wish to visit this historical city which was built during early civilizations of Europe.

The visit to Rome which is the capital of the modern Italy will give me an opportunity to explore roman forum and really walk where Caesar, have an opportunity to view Vatican and even make a wish at the Trevi fountain (Kepnes, 2008). The city also has museums where I would be able to get first hand information of the ancient Rome city and how it has developed to how it is today, there are beautiful fountains and interesting churches.

Another interesting city which I would visit if Florence which is the home to David. I would mainly visit this city because I love art and food. The city is rich in architectural and art centers and museums which has famous sculptures and painting. Italian dishes, wines and cuisine and well known in the world and has also being eaten in most other places with Italian Hotels being in almost every town even outside Italy. Due to such popularity of the Italian food I would wish to visit the country to have a fast hand experience of their famous foods such as spagetti, pizza Italian Cheeses and pasta (Yourguidetoitaly, 2011).

Venice being one of the lovers' cities, I would like to be there. It is the greatest place especially for newly married couples and these still single and searching. I would like to be in the place to stroll through tiny alleys as well as taking a ride through the canals while hanging at St. Marks. Though the city is expensive, but is worthy spending regardless of the Euro it will take. Count on its unique position, as it is built in water in the middle of a lagoon. By considering the heart of Venice, Piazza San Marco it holds a magnificent church. The city holds many palaces, museums, as well as churches which are worthy visiting. In addition to all, I would like to wonder along Venice Canals which is much interesting. Considering the historical value of the place, being in the northwest of Italy, historically it was used to bridge the West and the East.

Apart from Venice, the other town that I would make me pay a visit to Italy no matter the circumstances is Cinque Terra. This comprises of five towns located on the cliff overlooking the ocean. What such a beautiful thing that makes Cinque Terra a breathtaking place. I would like to spend one of my days walking the 12 kilometer trail that links every town in the region. This will enable any visitor to explore their tiny streets, as well as stopping at every little caf‚. In addition any visitor in the region will have a chance of exploring the olive grooves in the hills as well as relaxing him/herself while having a short of Limon cello.

Another wonderful place that will make anyone go to Italy is Turin. This is one of the major cities in the northern part of Italy. This city is well known since it is the home of Shroud of Turin. In addition, the city was a host of 2006 winter Olympics games that were held in 2006. What makes the city more interesting is its close location to Alps as well as river Po, which flows through the city. The surrounding area dottted by the Villas. The best thing with Turin is that, the area is attracting more tourists to visit the place before the crowds.

The other place that is worthy spending Euros is Capri. This is an island in Italy that is located in the Gulf of Nipples (Barkerkjian, 2010). It has been identified as being a major resort destination in history, since the times of Romans. This region is much popular with the well to do of the world. So for any one to feel has to visit the region. The island sees a lot of tourists in the region. As an effect, visiting the region during summer, will present an opportunity of meeting and interacting with other tourists who like sticking to the major towns, as an effect, one might discuss and on how to merge or even come together to undertake good business opportunities with such like tourists. Another interesting thing is the island, getting out of the town, will enable any visitor have a look at the island.

Amongst all the places and regions to visit in Italy, one must visit Abruzzo region. Region is much attractive, based on the fact that, it is one of the best-preserved medieval and renaissance hill towns not only in Italy but the Whole world. Many of them lie entirely within regional and national park; hence any visitor will be lucky to view many types of wildlife. The region might not be developed soon, due to its location in the preserved lands like national parks; so one may see its original form, whilst enjoying unpolluted environment.

Looking at Milan, everybody aspires to be in Italy. This town is considered to be one of the richest cities in Europe. It is well known because of stylish shops, restaurants as well as galleries. The town is considered also a having a faster pace of life as compared to other Italian cities. It is rich in artistic and cultural heritages. Its Duomo, with much beautiful marble fa‡ade, is magnificent. If one wants to see the world's most famous opera houses, then he can visit Milan to see La Scala.

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