Free Custom «I See Myself in the Art» Essay Paper

Free Custom «I See Myself in the Art» Essay Paper

This paper seeks to relate the feelings of a person to an artwork. The artwork chosen in this paper is one that speaks to people in a very emotional, guttural way. This means that the artwork the paper focuses on will explain my feeling at this current time, which is in terms of emotions. Further on the artwork chosen should somehow stand for what I believe in and the meaning of the artwork. The chosen art will be a reflection of truth unfolding and unfurling in my own life and the impacts of experiences to my personality.

The artwork chosen is the work of Albert Bierstadt referred to as Wreck of the Ancon in Loring Bay, Alaska. This was in the year 1889 when the artwork came to be, and it is one immensely popular artwork. The artwork has different components, which send varied information or messages to the viewer of the picture. There is the topic of waterscape, which is portrayed by boat, and the bay - Loring bay, which are all captured in the artwork. Alaska portrays the landscape aspect in the artwork while there is some context of architecture in the part of the boat and sailing ship. Lastly, the artwork displays disaster through the shipwreck and the dark and cloudy background of the picture. In general, the painter’s view of the artwork is a view looking across Loring Bay at the wrecked Ancon listing to the left. This view brings out several emotions from anybody looking at the artwork and hence indicates several feelings of the viewer.

Bierstadt was a passenger on the 1889 expedition of the Ancon, which was travelling from Tacoma, Washington, to Juneau and Stika then to Alaska. At one point, a strong tide carries the ship to a reef and the painter later on described the experience as a narrow escape. This artwork eloquently communicates both the message of sadness and beauty as the wrecked vessel slowly sinks into the waters of the ocean. With these messages, I see myself in the artwork as it depicts the exact feelings I possess in my current life.

Now an experiencing sadness in my life having experienced several unfortunate things in my life that any time I look at the artwork I see myself in the picture. My life was what any other person would call appropriate until a few months ago when my parents decided to separate and seek divorce. This was a remarkably low moment in my life, as I had to watch our family break apart and there was little I could do to save the marriage of my parents. Sadness is the order my life and this are what I see in the picture anytime I look at it. In the picture, the vessel is an indication of equipment that was at one point efficient and useful to travelers. The ship was in use for travel from various destinations, and through this, most people could easily move from one location to another.

This was a magnificent thing, and it reflects the family that we had before my parents chose to separate. Most people admired our family because we were all there for each other and seemed to be happy. This has been the case since we were young, and our parents did their best to provide for us a warm family and home. Just like in the picture where a tide carries the boat to the reef, our family was faced with problems and my parents had several disagreements each day bringing with it new issues. As children of the family, my brother and I had to suffer as the family we once knew was no longer there, and we were forced to choose sides in every argument that ensued between our parents.

In the painting, there is a dark shade, which magnifies the sadness aspect of the artwork. This is similar to the condition that engulfed our family when our parents chose to separate. Separation meant the breaking up of the strong family we once knew, and we had to decide on whom to stay with either our father or mother. Both parents wanted to have custody of the children and this battle even made me sadder. The tide compares to the divorce decision that caused destruction to everything our family once had and the marriage my parents had strived to maintain. In the painting, the tide caused destruction to the ship wrecking it and in the process destroying the whole equipment. The period in which my parents were making a decision to divorce was a hard time as they had difficulties on deciding what is best for them and us as their children.

On the other hand, the artwork reflects some beauty especially in the landscape and waterscape. The landscape offers splendid scenery to the viewer of the painting, and so is the waterscape, which is of the ocean waters. In my present state, as much as the separation of my parents was devastation I find beauty in the current single life. My parents seem to be happy now that they are leading different lives and funny enough they communicate better than when they were married. In my sadness of my parents’ separations, I find beauty in the happy life my parents are experiencing, and this is what the painting depicts. The landscape of Alaska offers the viewer a breathtaking view and someone would love to view different things from the landscape. As much as at the bay, it is a view of the Ancon wreck the view is captivating to watch, and it offers the viewer the excellent architectural of the ship. The vessel is an old school form of transport that took the architectural minds to construct it and viewing from the Alaska landscape offers the view of these works.

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In the context of my parents’ separation, the aspect of beauty comes from the view of seeing them finding happiness in their present life. They are all excelling in their careers, and their businesses are doing exceptionally. In addition, they have not forgotten their parental responsibilities to us, and they ensure they provide all the basic and essential things for us. This is where the beauty of my life comes from, and I find happiness in seeing that my parents made the right decision separate and lead different lives. This artwork means a lot to my present life as it is an indication of how one can find happiness in the event a terrible thing happens in life. My parents separation may have been a dreadful thing especially to the children, but, its beauty is that they are happy and leading a better life apart than when they were together. This means that it is important to find something decent in hurtful things that happen in our life and make the best of the good things. Every terrible thing that occurs in our life happens for a reason, and as human beings; we should try to concentrate on the positive contexts of the occurrences. This will enable us to grow and develop out of our sorrows, and most noteworthy is that we will come out of the experiences as stronger persons.

The artwork of Albert Bierstadt is a reflection of the truth unfolding and unfurling in most people’s lives. The issue of separation and divorce is a widespread matter that has had influence on various families in the world. When parents go through the families become a wreck just like the vessel in the artwork after the tide. Divorce and separations destroy families and leave their members in a sad state. This should not be the case, and we should encourage people going through divorce to find the beauty of the occurrence. Divorce and separation can be an indicator of a good thing to the family for people may be able to venture and lead better lives than when they are together. Divorce and separations happen in the modern times, and it is unfortunate that people focus on the negative side of the occurrence.

These experiences mould us in to better persons, and this should be the focus. The separation of my parents has created a responsible and strong person who does not have to rely on my parents for most things. During the separation period, our parents were too busy fighting to the extent they did not have time for my brother and me. We had to make decisions for ourselves and find a way of not getting involved in their battles. This led us to being independent people who made decisions and fended for ourselves. At some point, the separation of my parents made me a sad person, and when I think of the separation I become sad, but, I try to base on the positive side of what the experience has had in my life. Just like in the artwork where the occurrence of a distressing event led to the production of a magnificent painting, the separation of my parents has developed a strong person.



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