Free Custom «I Believe in Happiness» Essay Paper

Free Custom «I Believe in Happiness» Essay Paper

Without a doubt, every individual has ever experienced some kind of unhappiness. This is a very sad feeling. We always feel unhappy when we get sad news, or experience sad situations, for examples when we lose a loved one or become sick. I believe that if there was only happiness in this world, then all our worries and tears would be washed away. There would be no miseries, no suicides and no getting involved with drugs. I always try my best to be happy on all occasions, no matter which pain I experience. Whether the pain is emotional or physical, I believe was that happiness is the key and answer.

There are many ways in which an individual could gain happiness. Personally, I find happiness in playing the piano. Strange as it may seem, this is the truth. I came to know this when I was six years old. My father bought a piano long before I was born. I have been practicing playing ever since I set my eyes on it. Ever since I have been playing the piano when I feel lonely, when I feel hurt, when I feel I am about to give. It has always worked.

Two years ago, I found myself finding happiness, of all places, my grandfather’s funeral. My grandfather had been ill for about three years with diabetes, and it finally took him in July of 2009. My dad and his brother took care of some last minute details in the funeral arrangements. On the day of burial, my uncle had some ideas of his own. He disagreed with all the burial arrangements that had been made. The funeral home was full of all our relatives and friends on the funeral day coming to pay their respects to my grandfather; he was adored by many and viewed as a saint.

The priest stood up and stated all wonderful things about my grandfather, like what an excellent Catholic he was. After his prayers, the casket was closed. This is when everything changed. I was called to play a tune of my choice on the piano to pay the last respects to my grandfather. He had personally requested I play it the day he dies. On the first note of my favorite tune, voyage, voyage’, I was carried away. I did not know what came over me, but I remember feeling a strange wave of happiness rushing over me. The sad feeling that had previously been there was all swept away. I kept on nodding my head as I banged on the piano. I remember I felt like I was performing before a large crowd of the nobles.

I realized everyone else was singing along and nodding to the tune. There were no more sorrows; it had all been washed away. I saw smiles on all the faces. It is like they had forgotten about the sad event. I am sure they recognized the song as one that the crazy aunt said she did not want to be played, because it is played at everyone’s funeral. She was s felt as if they had come to watch a show of a classical composer.

I realized that even my uncle who had totally lost it and cried during the funeral was as happy as a lark. All my family members on the front row were the happiest. I was glad that I had managed to bring happiness to everyone who had attended the funeral. I am referring to the happiness that comes from within and deep inside. It felt awesome. At the moment, I knew that my grandfather mother was the happiest wherever he was.

There is no cause for anyone to be sad all the time; everyone should have something to turn to in their time of need. Happiness is what I believe makes the hard obstacles seem a little softer at the time of impact.



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