Free Custom «Human Rights» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Human Rights» Essay Paper

I hear from all the directions men, women, children, youth, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, wives, husbands and workers talking about human rights. Where are human rights? As I wake up early in the morning every day I tell my self disability is not inability. This gives me gives me courage. But, as I get out of my house I ask, “Where are human rights?” I remind my self disability is not inability and move on but sad.

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I remember just the other day I meet I gorgeous lady in the streets who knocked me down and did not bother to say, &lquo;Am sorry”. I crawled in the ground and managed to get hold of a post and stood up. Where are human rights?

I remember just the other day as I was parking my car in our reserved parking by our kind government when a young man with a sport car just overtook me and parked his fancy car in my spot. Where are human rights?

I remember just the other day in my stall selling CDs when men in suits came and took away CDs in my stall without pay. I could see them running and I yelled, “Pay me” but no one took notice of me andd my disability. Where are human rights?

I remember just the other day as I was cuing in the bank to deposit my saving when an guy came and knocked me taking my position in the cue. I yelled, “That’s my spot” and no one helped me. People just looked at me and I could hear them laugh and say, “look at that cripple, we don’t need such weaklings in the society”. They forget disability is not inability. Where are human rights?

Please tell me is disability inability and aren’t we human beings?


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