Free Custom «Gifts, Talents and Unique Abilities» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Gifts, Talents and Unique Abilities» Essay Paper

I have a natural gift of sieving through people’s perceptions and reading their minds. I have nurtured this gift a positive way such that I am in a position of making people generate a good feeling about themselves regardless of the respective situation they could be experiencing.  In addition, I have also nurtured my gift in such a manner that it has given me the rare capability of helping people diffuse through potentially harmful situations.

I have a rare talent of being able to shoot virtually any type of weapon with significant accuracy especially in challenging circumstances and positions. A positive accompaniment to my talent is being able to sufficiently use at an appropriate time and location depending on a relative and occurring circumstance. Moreover, I am capable of applying this talent with minimal force.


I have an inherent ability of being able to design a strategic plan that can be replicated with much ease. I am also able to come up with efficient methods of implementing my strategic plans. This gives me the rare ability to implement the strategic plan any tactical situation regardless of the circumstances.


What are you most interested in and passionate about?

I have numerous interests that I would love to pursue; however, my most revered interest is to pursue a career in law enforcement. This is because it will enable me to sufficiently and satisfactorily put my knowledge and experiences to real-time application. Moreover, I have developed an inherent passion to help civilians as they go about their daily activities once I retire from the army where my track record is excellent.

I love to see people executing their activities within the law’s jurisdictions. In pursuance to this, I am passionate about the enforcing of the laws that have been formulated to regulate these activities so that people can live in an orderly society. There is nothing fulfilling than being in a position to ensure that people are operating in a safe and enabling surrounding. This spurs positive growth and development of the society fundamentals. Therefore, I cherish giving out satisfactory assistance to civilians in addition to promoting a safe environment for them. This is a passion which I have always looked forward to achieve and fulfil through practical service provision to the society all as an element of service.

Does that fit with what you are pursuing here at Columbia Southern University?


My gifts, talents, unique abilities, interests, and passionate pursuits go in line with my degree in Criminal Justice that I am pursuing at Columbia Southern University, where I am currently enrolled. This is further contributed by the fact that these aspects integrate well with the fundamentals required in criminal justice and enforcement. This is a field which requires professionals who have nurtured their respective knowledge and experiences in a proven positive environment of which I believe my testimony demonstrates. Through situational analysis of law enforcement and criminal justice elements, it is evident that having these attributes is a positive element. The manner in which they integrate serves to fulfil the requirements of criminal justice.



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