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Establishing Personality

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I am usually a relaxed and calm lady therefore I am not easily angered. I am also curious and inquisitive. As a result I have many interests and often try to discover new adventures and opportunities. I have had worse experiences with friendships but still I am caring and have compassion for people and friends. I always enjoy meeting new people and trying out new ideas whenever possible. I also desire to be loved back by friends and family therefore I get hurt if my friends do not appreciate the love I show towards them. I am a dynamic thinker and try to maintain a liberal mind. I believe my parents as well as interaction with other people in my early life has contributed to the development of my personality. The general personality of an individual can be measured through projective techniques or personality inventories. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MPPI) seems the most appropriate in determining an individual’s personality. This is because the MPPI utilizes a set of questions to determine an individual’s personalities based on daily occurrences or perception towards things. These answers obtained are evaluated in order to determine the individual’s personality.


Buy custom Establishing Personality essay paper cheap

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