Free Custom «Early Risers» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Early Risers» Essay Paper

The issue of first rising has had profound interpretations by very many quarters. Most individuals believe that getting up early benefits one health wise. However, an article by the AFP purports that, “early rising is not good for the heart.” Furthermore, it states that, “early-risers are at a higher risk of getting heart problems”. The article insinuates that early risers have a greater risk of heart condition. I hold a different opinion with regard to this article concerning early rising since I know many people who get up early to do exercises such as running, swimming and hiking. Contrary to the article’s assertion of developing heart problems, these individuals are healthy. The benefits associated with early rising are immense. Those who practice this virtue may experience these benefits.

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To commence, my uncle, Allen, has been living for ninety-three years, and he had a scheduled program that he adhered to dearly. He used to get up at 5 A.M to go for a morning jog for one hour. After the jog, he took breakfast before 8 A.M and went to bed before 10 P.M. He did this for thirty years without reconsidering the schedule. Every time he went for his health examination in the hospital, the results were always positive. His heart performance rate, as well as his cardiovascular condition, was exemplary compared to his age. Many people used to ask my uncle, “What do you do in order keep your body in such good condition?” The answer that the old man gave was, “Do not be stressed up in life, do way with stressful conditions in your life and take life to be simple. Moreover, maintain a joyous and peaceful life”. He was a compassionate person and maintaine a happy life as he constantly wears a smile on his face his entire life.

In addition, my life serves as an example of an early riser. I get up early to do some exercises. I have been following this schedule for some time. It has boosted my health as a young person and helped me in my daily undertakings. This is attributed to the fact that I am engaged in a lot of work and business that requires a steady and fresh mind in order to complete. My uncle’s program act to motivate my exercises and my program is almost similar to his. This has enabled me to learn how to manage my time well and come up with a list of chores and duties for accomplishment on a daily basis. This has clearly defined and highlighted the duties that I need to undertake on a given date and time, as well as those that would need a lot more, in terms of time and resources, in order to attain them. The program has simplified the entire process as I find a considerable amount of time to handle pertinent issues concerning my life. By waking up early, I finish a day’s duties in time and this has presented me with the opportunity of having enough rest in the evening. 

The issue of early rising has received a considerable amount of attention including inputs from researchers. Some of the research findings propose that human beings should sleep for a period of six to eight hours a day as minimum. This research is to ensure healthy living, as well as proper functioning of the body. This proposal substantiates the essence of early rising as it reveals that by waking up early, an individual will not develop any problems as long as the individual has rested for the required amount of time. During leisure time, a person may cchoose to take a bubble bath, read a book, watch a movie, go for skating or drink a glass of wine in order to relax the body. Usually, such undertakings need an individual’s sacrifice and concentration before going to sleep. For me, I would get a massage and perform yoga as a way of letting out my stress. Prior to sleeping, I normally set up my alarm. At first, I found the entire procedure to be hectic and demanding since it requires a lot of discipline to achieve it. However, after doing this program for two years, I could easily get up without the alarm as my body got used to this program. When I wake up each morning, I feel totally relaxed and energetic to undertake the day’s chores. During search days, I manage to work peacefully and diligently.  

The article does not clearly mention on the specificities with regard to waking up early such as time. Generally, it assumes that the mere fact of early rising is detrimental to an individual’s life hence dispensing on peoples’ life schedule. As long as an individual manages to have enough rest that would guarantee healthy living, then the issue of waking up early would not cause any problems. An individual’s life develops and nourishes on the deeds and actions done by the same individual. A person’s destiny may influence the actions of the individual, and if waking up early is part of the journey, then, there is nothing wrong with that. I believe that people have accomplished patterns of life schedules that ensure healthy living. Based on my life experiences, early rising boosts an individual’s health and enhances the productivity of the individual. In the end, stability in terms of health and social status are attained. 


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