Free Custom «Cover Letter» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Cover Letter» Essay Paper

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a former student of the University of New Brunswick. Having acquired a Construction Engineering degree form the institution I have mentioned, I wish to express my interest in the position of a project manager of Suncor Company.  Since I started my education, I have had strong desire to work as a project manager in a renowned construction engineering company like Suncor. My main interest in your company derives from the quality of services that your company has continually provided to the community. I have therefore been willing to be part of the human resource team that has shaped the name of your company.  In addition, I will provide my resume detailing my education career and work experience.

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Project management was one of the courses that I liked when I was pursuing my Construction Engineering (CE) degree. I liked the course because it provided me with the basic skills that are required by a project manager in carge of a construction activity. My professor always emphasized why it was important for an engineer to be equipped with project management skills. The professor influenced me to make the project management course be one of my favorite courses in the university. Our professor always emphasized that project management required one to be in a working environment in order to build up the skills learnt in class. This would only work through internship program. My first internship program was in April 2009 when I was attached to a construction company that was constructing the new administration block in our university. I was so close to the project manager who was always willing to assist me in learning the basic concepts of project management. By applying these concepts in class, I realized that my academic performance also became better. Likewise, I also applied the theory I learnt in class to the volunteer jobs I did and I learnt the close relationship between the two. I therefore desire to have an opportunity to work for Suncor Company as a projecct manager for me to build up my career will real life situation and also deliver my goods skills to the company. I promise that if you will accept me to part of your team, I will applying all the knowledge and experience I have in project management to make the company one of the best in the region. I have the ability to bring people together in a work environment in order to have a teamwork corporation. This is a concept I learnt when I was an intern; the project managers always emphasized that construction project require people working together in order to make an empty space look developed through construction projects. I expect to improve the level of project management of your company from where it is to the level of other competitive companies in the world.

Please offer me an opportunity to be interviewed so that I can proof that I am capable of doing all that I have written. I look forward for a positive reply form you. Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully...


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