Free Custom «Cover Letter for Finance Job» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Cover Letter for Finance Job» Essay Paper

Dear sir/madam,

Having a very strong academic background with majors in finance and accounting, plus interesting work experience in finance and accounting, marketing, teaching and military services whilst studying for my bachelors degree in business administration I am seeking for a position in the finance where I can apply my knowledge and skills.

Of particular interest to your firm:

  • I have demonstrated good marketing skills, excellent sales data collection during my internship with the marketing support team that campaigned for 2002 Korea-Japan world cup.
  • Being accounts and maths tutor it encouraged me to develop sound judgment and problem solving skills, good organizational skills and interpersonal skills.
  • As an assistant accountant with Phoenix Apparel Company this gave me required experience in processing invoice, preparing financial reports and keeping track of manufacturing costs.
  • My good management and leadership skills that have developed while maintaining combat equipments, managing budgets, and teaching soldiers basic military skills.

Given a chance I will bring great skills and abilities to working with a reputable financial firm with room for growth and advancement. I will be available to attend interview if contacted.

Yours faithfully...



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