Free Custom «Community Health Department Investigation» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Community Health Department Investigation» Essay Paper

As an investigator, from the community heath department, I am tasked by my boss to investigate a queer pattern of school absence with the claim of sickness in two middle schools. To do this effectively, I must formulate hypotheses and questions that direct my investigations. Data about these schools arte also important, especially the attendance of students on all classes through out the term, the calendar schedules with their events, as well as the evidence provided fro absence.

Six questions to help with the research:

  1. Were parents lying for their children’s absence?
  2. Did the students fail to attend school because their parents asked them not to?
  3. Is there a possibility that they were not sick?
  4. Are the sicknesses common in all the classes or is it only band classes?
  5. Did the students miss school on other dates with similar calendar schedules?
  6. Were parents whose children missed classes available for interviews?


  • The students missed school because of other reasons not related to sickness.
  • The students missed school because they were sick.  
  • To support these hypotheses

Common reason for the absence, it is mandatory to check the absence dates in relation to the events schedules on the two Schools reporting high absence. It is also helpful to check the attendance of students in other classes on those days, and in other schools. The previous day attendance can also ascertain whether the reason for absence, which is sickness, is genuine or not. This is because most genuine sicknesses normally shows symptoms in advance, and if severe, could last for more than two days. Therefore, the after attendance is also important.

The data available on the schools term attendance as well as the calendar schedule provides sufficient information to support the hypotheses above. Comparing attendances between classes, schools against the events schedules of the specific dates gives information to decide whether the sickness is an excuse or a real concern. It also helps determine whether rather could be other reasons for the absence, and what those reasons could be.

According to the data provided after the interview with parents of absent students, the basic reason for absence was sickness most students reported the following symptoms: Stomach ache, headache, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. There is also the stomach ache being common to all the students. Out of the eighteen students, a total of five parents from both thee schools were interviewed and reported the same symptoms in their children. The absence was high on May 20 and 21.

Comparisons of attendances in the four schools

Truman Middle School. There was low absence all through the term in all the classes.  The highest absence percentage in 7th grade, which consists of four hundred and fifty students, was eight point six on the twentieth of May. PE classes with two hundred and twenty five students had a seven point three percent absence as the highest, again on May twentieth. Band class, which had a low absence [percentage all through the term recorded the highest absence on May twentieth and twenty first at thirty three point three and twenty three point three respectively. In Art class, the highest percentage pg absence was recorded on seventh of May with eight percent.

In Roosevelt Middle school, there was an equal distribution of absence all through the term in all the classes, with the highest percentage of absence recorded in the band classes on the eleventh of May, at eleven point one. Seventh grade, with three hundred and sent eight students recorded average absence with the highest being a six point one on the eight of May, PE classes highest percentage was a six point five on the eight of May, and art class on the fifth of May at ten point four.

In Jackson Middle School, the seventh grade, with five hundred and five students recorded highly on the twentieth of May with eight point six. The highest absence during that term was on Band class, which has thirty two students, with a twenty five and fifteen point six percent on May the twentieth and twenty first respectively.

Kennedy Middle School recorded a low absence percentage during the term in all the three classes. Seventh grade, which has six hundred and eighty students, reported a seven point eight percentage as the highest absence rate on May Twentieth, all through the term. With the above comparisons, it is clear that the unusual absence spike took place in Truman Middle School, and Jackson Middle School, on the twentieth and twenty first of May in the band classes.

Analyzing the events calendar for the two schools, during April and May, the following information is given:  In Truman Middle School, there was band practice on twentieth of May, while no event was scheduled for the twenty first. While in Jackson Middle School, there was no event on twentieth, but there was a field trip on twenty first of May.

To support my second Hypothesis, that the students were actually sick, we can assume that no student would want to miss a field trip to a concert, faking it for sickness, as it could have been the case on Jackson Middle School on the twenty first of May. Since there was band practice on other days, which were well attended by students, it could probably be true that In Truman Middle School, on Twentieth of May, the students were actually sick, and couldn’t attend classes. However, to support the first hypothesis,  that there are other reasons other than sickness, it can be assumed that the parents felt that their children needed not to attend school on days when there are no events in the schedule, a day before, of after a field trip. This could be because they though that serious learning did not take place on those days.

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