Free Custom «Choices We Have to Make» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Choices We Have to Make» Essay Paper

It was said that it is only a fool who can never change his mind. In one or more instances we are forced to reconsider our stand and be a little flexible especially with the many decisions that we are supposed to make in each day of our lives.  With the changing world and the introduction of new and more improved technological items in the market, whoever does not want to adopt the new technology shall be left out of civilization as he or she struggles to apply items and techniques that are considered obsolete and no longer useful to the current society. In fact we make very challenging choices in our everyday life some of them seem to be very challenging. In a number of situations we are forced to make choices which challenge us so significantly that we end up travelling a less travelled road. Choice making is not a new thing to us; it has been there for a very long time now. We are even presented with the case of Joshua in the bible that was faced by a challenge of either serving his Lord or the gods served by the ancestors behold the Amorites River.

While growing up, I can not forget the influence Ben Carson the neuron surgeon had on my life. Being brought up in a very humble family to become one of the greatest and respected neuron surgeons of the world is a great admiration and respect I had for him. In fact I vowed to become a neuron surgeon when I grew up or even better a nurse, this is because a nurse is always close to the people and they have never been enough nurses around.  From my young age I knew I would never want to be anything else apart from a nurse, I wanted to help people, there is no relieve I admired most than seeing that smile coming into people’s faces especially when he or she is healed. I can not forget the effect that could also have on their families as they are rejoined by their relative who has completely healed. Doing well unto others is the virtue I have practiced ever since. I knew to become a respected person, one had t respect himself and the people around, I knew and understood that respect was something someone earns and it therefore requires a person’s efforts. You are required to be fair to each person both those who have, those who have in excesses and those who lack completely. 

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With all my efforts, I had one simple challenge; I lacked the support of my father. My father is a business man who own and controls a vast range of business and who wanted me to be an administrator of these businesses when I grew up. He often asserted his son could never become a doctor, since there was no room for that. Despite it being an admirable professional, he considered it not to be well paying and challenging as business could be. In short he tried everything to indicate to me the negative sides of the profession. Irrespective of these I remained adamant of reconsidering my stand.  I well understood that where a man’s heart lied there was his will too. I remember us fighting in a number of times as he tried to force me into taking a business course which I had ignored as I selected a medical course. We were never in good terms with him for a very long time till my grandfather intervened.

I remember coming back at home when I knew he was either out or asleep. In fact, when he was at home I would prefer to stick in my room. Deciding between the medical course and the business course being suggested by my father made our relationship t deteriorate completely, it was almost completely destroyed. Forcing down my throat something I never wanted was not possible for me. Currently I can only thank God for my grandfather who made my father see the sense of letting me follow my dreams. Currently I am pursuing my third year of my nursing course and to make it even better my father has decided to build a hospital in which he expects me to oversee its running and operations when am through with my course. To my father, it is like killing two birds using a single stone.


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