Free Custom «Autobiography» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Autobiography» Essay Paper

I was born in a warm sunny day in January in Ireland. However, I do not live there anymore. I moved to Quebec Canada together with my mother, and I go to school at Brookside High School. I live with my mom, Cindy; my brother, Andre; and my sister Lilly. I am the eldest of my two siblings. Lilly is such a sweet sister and she would do anything for me. Sometimes when I feel lonely, she would come and sit by my side and try talking to me. She would not get out until I smile.

Who I am in life

My name is Mihaela Calarasu. I started schooling when I was four years old. I went to kindergarten through fifth grade at Brookside Elementary then attended Brookside Middle School and while I was there, I won a couple of awards: one for being the best journalist in the journalism club and three for being named Student of the Year-one in seventh grade and the other in eighth grade. I then proceeded to Brookside High School.

What life means to me

Life to me is very interesting. It means friends and family who you can love and trust and vice versa. I am always on the happy side of life though I do have my dislikes. I hate winters because it is always very cold and rainy which means I have to stay indoors most of the time. In addition, I also dislike my hair. Some of my friends always poke fun at me saying it looks bad. I wish I had black long hair. I make my school days go by reading a lot of magazines and doing research in the library. I am dating someone right now and my favorite place to hang out is in the movies on weekends and going out for dinner. I hope our relationship will last forever because we plan to marry each other after college.

What is my outlook on the future?

The year 2020 will make 5 years from the time I will have graduated from the university. I think I will probably move to the United States. I will have achieved most of my life dreams and thus I will be living comfortably. This means that I will be married to John Atkins. We will have twins: Anne and Kelly Atkins, who at that point will be two years old. Atkins is my boyfriend and a very sweet guy; he buys me flowers. He is six feet tall and likes playing football. Besides, he has blond hair. We will have been together for four years and I know we will be happy forever together.

As I said in the beginning, I was born in Ireland but moved to Canada when my mum moved there. From then henceforth, I have been living in Canada. I would like to live in the USA after I am through with my schooling and probably work there. I hope it has been interesting reading my story as it has been to me while I was writing. Try to achieve as much as you can out of school. When you graduate, you will be able to get a job and live a decent life. Here is my thought on life: good judgment comes from experiences and experiences come from bad judgment.


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