Free Custom «Authentic Self» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Authentic Self» Essay Paper


Openness, straightforwardness, optimistic perception and stable emotions are good self’s traits.  Therefore, for an influential personality and authentic self, one has to possess good self’s traits. In addition, making yourself a good self is not that difficult, but sometime good self brings quite difficult situation for you. However, at the same time, an authentic self would be eligible to deal with the difficulties, and revoke them with his/her strong belief in his/herself. Hence, openness, straightforwardness, optimistic perception and stable emotions are the traits that make you authentic self.


Personality can make a person potent or pathetic. Therefore, it’s anybody’s personal choice to choose the ways to emerge him/herself as potent person or pathetic person. But, considering realistically, sometime, your inborn capabilities or your upbringing could play influential role in organizing your potent or pathetic postures. On the other hand, sometime, your surroundings and the environment you live in make you the potent or the pathetic one. Hence, all depends on the opportunities or the circumstance you have to be potent or to be pathetic.

My self: 

Introducing myself, I do not posses such personality that is out of this world. But, I have pride upon me by having a helping personality. I sometime take myself into assessment by witnessing others, and find myself one of them who cooperate, coordinate and consider. For instance, I very vigorously help someone else to ease his difficulties or make him happy. But, in fact, sometime doest not receive true reward. It obviously, disappoints me, but at the same time it is great to continue my sanctity.

Moreover, I am basically type of vigorous personality, who is wandering in lend a hand sands. Considerably considering, it is reward or appreciation that gives you satisfaction; otherwise you would be vanishingly vigorous. I maybe only one of my kind (?) but I am quite successful with myself traits and am also happy with.

My strengths as well as my weaknesses:

My strengths are stable emotions and optimistic perception, and my weaknesses are my openness and straightforwardness. Sometime, my openness and straightforwardness create problems for me. The environment, we are living in, have been based on partiality. One who is open and straightforward have to face the difficulties and the obstacles in bias environment. However, I confront with the difficulties with my stable emotions and optimistic personality.      

My strengths and the ways in which I have developed or expanded them:

My strengths are stable emotions and optimistic perception. Life is a bitter experience, however, by the time you learn that how to make the bitter into better. Moreover, time teaches you that how to tackle the partiality of your surroundings and of overall environment. Therefore, I have developed and expanded my strengths by getting experience from my endeavors and from the surrounding I am living in.   

My weaknesses and what have I done to overcome these challenges?       

My weaknesses are openness and straightforwardness. I have overcome my weaknesses with determination and experience. In fact, practical life is quite hard for a newbie stepped in; however, experience teaches you every thing. By the passage of time everybody could learn every thing that he/she determined as his/her weakness before. Therefore, time is master that teaches every thing to everyone.

Values: what matters to me most and why?

According to my understanding values mean lateral and respectful relationship. I sometime get depressed when I see someone of my caliber considering me downward. While in my perspective, there should be a lateral and respectful relationship between everyone. In addition, from the humanity point of view, every human being possesses equal standards. Therefore, except age factors, everyone should regard each other laterally.

How do my values impact my behavior?

My values impact my behavior quite badly. Because, the environment we are living in does not provide us the atmosphere appropriate to our personality. Therefore, we have to learn the worldly thing to deal with the worldly atmosphere. In my case, I give full marks to the experience that I have get. Experience would lead you to the worldly tackling.

Have I sought feedback on my behaviors?

Feedback is mandatory to learn the things. I am quite open in this; I welcome every type of feedback. Because, it is quite helpful to reconcile the personality, I also do not miss an opportunity or never hesitate to give feedback. It is a healthy practice to make someone better.

From whom? If not, why not? If so, what were the results? 

I never select the persons. I always wish to have feedback no matter whom he is or where he belongs from. As I described earlier that I like the lateral standards and respectful communication. Therefore, in lateral standard you cannot select, but you only coordinate and cooperate. I have achieved good understating of my weaknesses by getting the feedback.

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Any potential or perceived conflicts/inconsistencies between what you say and what you do?

I believe, It is tow way traffic, if you do something you expect also. For instance, if someone doing vigorous effort, and he does not get reward or appreciation for it. It will obviously create conflicts/inconsistencies between. Moreover, I believe the level of effort is the secondary element to consider, and the primary element is effort. When you consider effort it will harmonize the consistence as well.

Do you have someone to model yourself after? 

Everybody possesses his/her own characteristics. However, a warmth affection or association can put impact. I believe that it is not my task to find someone and put fascinating impression upon him/her. It is personal choice whether he/she wants to be like me or not.  

Why or why not?

I believe it’s discretional. Everyone has his/her own choice of fascination. I never tried or influenced someone to fascinate me as role model. And will never influence ever. It’s a basic right of each human being and I never break or influence any basic right!



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