Free Custom «Astrophysics» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Astrophysics» Essay Paper

Astrophysics has been my key interest area for as long as I can remember and to attain a PhD in Astrophysics has been my lifelong goal. Over the past many years the passions that I have pursued have been based around the ideals of applying myself and delivering as per the best standards. However in order to do that it is also imperative that I am able to acquire the requisite info from the best possible sources available to humans. I have lived up my passions and kept myself motivated by working on projects over the years which have brought be closer to living my ultimate goal.

Being a Greek by origin I am well versed in both English & French when it comes to reading and writing. I did my BSc in Mathematics from University of Thessaloniki (Greece) which got me accustomed to dealing with data as I managed various projects of data analysis, data compilation and data assimilation and simulations. In my college days I along with other students set up the “Astronomy Club of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki”.

Next I did my Masters in Astrophysics from University of Portugal. During that pursuit good part of my year was spent working on my dissertation in ISDC (Integral Science Data Center) based in Geneva (8 months research under supervision of Dr. Professor Thierry Courvoisier & Dr. Roland Walter) where I was assigned to analyze data from X-Ray Satellite Integral. My work led me to contribute to 2 of the papers which added a lot to my requiem in my quest and thirst for astrophysics. One of the papers was “Multi-wavelength Observations unveil its nature” which was a manuscript on astronomy and astrophysics. My work covered discovery of the Neutron Star & discovery of Gamma Ray Burst.

I did my MSc in Physics from Imperial College of London where my dissertation was based on studying particle physics which got me well acquainted with quantum physics.

In addition to my educational avocations as acquired over the past many years I have learnt to make a part time career as a tutor wherein I have been teaching physics and mathematics since 2000 vide private tuitions. I have also worked as a Teaching Assistant at Hackney Community College for couple of months in 2008. I also worked in 2008 at Stepney Green (Mathematics & Computing College) where I taught mathematics. Further that I have taken a lot of interest in adding to my personal knowledge in areas pertinent to astronomy, quantum mechanics, Newtonian physics, mathematics physics, plasma astrophysics, interferometery, stellar atmospheres, systems & evolutions, planetary systems, observational cosmology, quantum field theories, formation of galaxies, and general relativity.

I have worked hard to realize that Astrophysics is my true passion and I want to make a career in this field wherein the projects offered at Oxford are of deep interest to me. My interest in exoplanets and the methods of discovering new planets and my educational backgrounds which makes my grasp over, physics, particle physics and quantum physics geared to handle the pressures of this enduring and patient line of study. But I have worked over the past decade or so in order to excel in this field or immense knowledge and application. I have experienced teaching which I have acquired, while I have grown used to relying on technology and systems so as to make them of utmost utility in my quest for answers in astrophysics. I have detailed accounts from studies ancient Greek astronomical studies and the fact that I can read in both French and English I know I can conduct and carry research on a much quickened pace.

Astrophysics is a separate world within the world of science. It is the final frontier which will eventually open the doors for many more questions to come for human race. It is an enduring and patient task of applying all that we know of to seek answers pertaining to the unknown territories. All the intrigues and question marks are of extreme interest to me and I hope that someday I shall be able to excel in this field and deliver by using the education and learning that is available at Oxford for all those who want to take interest in it.



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