Free Custom «Artists Biography» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Artists Biography» Essay Paper

Since I was born, my life can be described as honest; my existence has been an art one. I have always liked creativity, and what a better way to express fresh ideas than art. All my focus has always been directed towards the media; both print and television. I remember I used to convince my parents to buy for me the latest toys, in addition to games. However, what they did not know was that, I came to know of the latest toys from the advertisement in the telly. This convincing power, the fresh ideas and the charisma in the ads, are what I have always admired. I decide there and then that I would want to pursue advertising when I grow up.

I was born on a warm sunny day in January in Illinois. However, I do not live there anymore; we moved together with our family about ten years ago. I am the fourth and youngest in a family of six. My mum was a nurse and my father a playwright, perhaps which seems to explain my love for art. My dad used to take us to watch rehearsals every now and then. Need I explain more; he has been encouraging me to follow my dreams, and especially in advertising, since it brings out the artistic nature in me. He made up great stories for me and also recounted the plots of fantastic plays.

I started schooling when I was five years old. I went to kindergarten through fifth grade at Sunshine Elementary, then attended Sunshine Middle School and while I was there, I joined art classes and the journalism club. I remember I won an award for the best journalist award, for the most creative story; a story I had done on the power of advertising. I then went to Sunshine High School and never deviated from my dream. I am currently in Braeburn College pursuing a degree in Advertising. I had always wanted to be the best in everything that I do.

Growing up, I spent most of my life in imaginary worlds. I have always admired advertisements. ranging from that of Ford Motors, to MacDonald’s. At around the age of eight, I began working on my own versions of advertisements. I had always wanted to be among the few fortunate ones who, with a true calling for art, enjoy the most of opportunities to develop my natural capacities and instincts.

I have never kept the advertisements I have come up with to myself. With some guidance from my dad, I have always had the idea of an audience in mind. I remember I used to come up with a script and try to sell my ideas to my friends; they ended up buying my toys. I used words like, ‘this is the best, it has not yet reached the market’, but of course my ideas have now grown and feel am ready for the advertising industry.

Moreover, I have always been fascinated by magazines and picture books as a form, which stems (I suppose) from my background in theater. I have also been fascinated by the intersection of words and images; the way normal things can be altered by changing their presentation. For example, an advertisement can make a normal car look out of this world by adding creativity and pieces of magnificent art.

I have always wanted to pursue advertising because it is a career that you get to use most, if not all of your senses. An artist is someone who is always in touch with all his senses. He feels what is around and listens to the immediate environment. An artist’s mind is always in touch with the senses of memory, for example touch, sight, and smell, hearing and taste.

I know my family is proud of me, especially my dad, and that means the world to me. Everyday, I always strive to be the best artist I can. I have also come to a revelation! I have learned that you can not rush a piece of art, with a lot of careful creativity, and patience you can always bring out the inner instincts in you.

According to my understanding, life is very interesting. It means having family and friends who care about you and are there to support you through thick and thin. Ever since I was a kid, I had learnt to always live on the happy side of life despite having my dislikes. I made a lot of y earlier life reading a lot of magazines and in the library.

The year 2015 will make four years from the time I will have graduated from college. I think I will probably move to Hollywood. I will have achieved most of my life dreams and will be working at an advertising agency or even create one of my own. This is my long life dream.

As I said in the beginning, I was born in Illinois but moved to New Jersey. From then henceforth, I have been living in New Jersey. I would like to live and work in Hollywood after I am through with my schooling. I hope it has been interesting reading my story as it has been to me while I was writing. My advice is, always follow your dreams and achieve most out of it. By doing this, life can never be stressful. Moreover, achieve try to achieve the most out of school. This is the place where dreams and ambitions are nurtured.



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