Free Custom «Apple MacBook Pro» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Apple MacBook Pro» Essay Paper

The laptop evolution is no longer a personal invention; it is a battle of the markets. Companies aim for newer, lighter, and longer battery life machines. I have never been a technology enthusiast, but this rivalry briefly snatched my mind. The Cable News clearly brought out the business, and the marketing antics these Corporations invented. The likes of Samsung, Acer, Sony, and all major brands were the market language. Come early 2006, the news as usual came up with rumors of a big announcement offing from apple. Precisely on 10 January 2006, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, unveiled Apple MacBook Pro in his usual simple and feeble style (Apple Inc., 2011). The rumors were true.

Jobs’ presentation was rather technical, but I was captivated by the solid, shiny, and simple appearance of Apple MacBook Pro. The news agencies made a huge fuss from the business angle, and as expected, the giants of the industry needed to respond. I checked its price and the variations and exactly one month later, I got my original Apple MacBook Pro. I named it “Sketch.” It was a 15-inch piece or art with a smooth, khaki with a distinct aluminum body. I loved the classy look combined with its reserved color. The best thing about Sketch was its ability to fit my personality.

Besides friends, I usually spend most of my time reading, thinking and at times when tired; I dream of fantasy possibilities. Since Sketch came into my life, it is no longer a dreamy affair. In 2006, a lot happened, and I knew it would not be long before my parents moved to the western coast of California. The thought of giving up my room that knew everything in my life, my friends, and the suburbs neighborhood I had became fond of, was frightening. That realization sprouted a need to be in touch with my history. I had no clear way of doing it, but I was determined to maintain my memories. Suddenly sketch struck me; she could be given information of any kind; videos, words, pictures and dreams without judging or responding. That marked the new beginning of learning.

I bought a small camera and I started filling my Sketch. To my friends, I was an observer and to my neighborhood, I became a tourist. I detached myself from my usual life, and this heralded my adventurous life. I recorded every single bit of life I came across. Excellently, Sketch proved a worthwhile companion. I wrote, shot and captured the details of my experiences and stored them according to dates. Interestingly, in that process I observed and became aware of many things in my life I never knew. Besides my room being messy most of the time, I discovered that, I enjoyed history, wild animals, and nature walks.

I became more interested in the community activities and my friends parties contrary to my lonely mysterious life I had before. Before long, I turned my innocent hobby into an inquisitive quest. I was attracted to the way people and animals behaved. In fact, I was surprised by the level of deceit, and the significance of image played in our lives. With the sketch, I was turned to a psychologist. By writing, I explored my mind and evidenced by my recordings.

My Apple MacBook Pro helped me jot a story of my life, family, and friends. I became more conscious of the people because of the horrible things I discovered from my expeditions. I experienced a colorful nature I saw as normal; the evening walks became freshening, and I repainted the rich mahogany wall in my room. Eventually, we never moved; however, I often watch the pictures and motions from my Sketch. In its memory, carries what my family members cannot fathom. They think am crazy about technology; however, I know them better than they can imagine.

The last thanksgiving we all came together and our father proposed to celebrate life. It was a surprisingly strange party because my father was uncharacteristically joyful and full of emotions. He was rather philosophical and stressed the point of being happy and enjoying the good feeling while it lasts. My siblings reacted as expected, frightened, and inquisitive on what is wrong with Papa. I saw an opportune moment to pull my surprise.

“Here please, come around; there is something I need to show you!” I clapped my hands in the air to attract attention. Before they gathered, I removed my Sketch from her brown bag and put the projector in place. I connected the music system and played a low tone of my favorite rock theme in the background. I set the room shadow and tested the projector. Their curiosity was raised as they sat down. I put everything in place and stopped the music.

Then, I played a video I put together about the sketch of our family; the video touched everyone present. It contained the lives of their friends, neighborhood, school and even our family dog. It was a glamorous moment, and I will never forget it. I still do my assignments, connect with friends, and discover limitless possibilities. Apple has unveiled new machines; however, my old-fashioned Sketch is now part of my life; in fact, it has painted it.


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