Free Custom «Appeal Against Enforced Withdrawal» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Appeal Against Enforced Withdrawal» Essay Paper

My first year at this university has been explicitly challenging for me. This is because I have been unable to perform well in my studies. Consequently, I failed to achieve the set goals and objectives. Following self-reflection and analysis of the issue, I managed to come up with factors that led to the poor performance which are deterioration of my health, taking challenging courses, and absenteeism.

Ever since I was a child, I have had a back problem. At the age of four, I was diagnosed with a virus that disabled my walking due to the dissolved disks in my back. Although most of the discs kept regenerating, I managed to lose two of them completely. Because of the pain and problems that the condition has inflicted on me, it has also greatly affected my studies. Moreover, standing up from my bed is a great challenge due to the cramps that affect my legs. Consequently, as a sports lover, I have been unable to fully participate in sports, and that really bothers me. Therefore, lack of daily sports is another determining factor to my poor performance since it is essential for excellent performance.

The courses that I took last semester are part of the reasons for my poor performance. Even though they are a bit tough, I would have done performed well had I no absenteeism. These courses include business law, microeconomics, sociology, accounting, and foundations of wellness. Explicitly, the time I was away from school messed up my grades as the courses required a lot of commitment and participation in class work. It is for this reason that I lost many points in class and had a lot of errors in my work.

Despite these factors, I managed to make excellent notes. During my wellness classes, I was required to fill out a form about my health condition. However, I do not enjoy letting out my condition because of the experience I went through in high school while at St. Mary’s Hall. Back there, I let the teachers know about my health situation, and all I got was discouragement. They teachers denied me the opportunity to take part in my favorite sport, soccer and despite this being for my own good; it affected me as I was part of the soccer team.

On contrast, my school in Mexico got wind of the problem, and did not take a lot of cautions. Subsequently, this affected me very badly. Therefore, each time they were careful about my condition, they would prohibit all other sports, but swimming. As a result, my stay in school was never fun as was restricted from many things that my schoolmates enjoyed. I am very convinced that the above factors are the major contributors to my poor academic performance.

With that the understanding of the factors, I have thought about various ways of improving my performance. Basing on what you advised me to do, I worked hard to get the recommended class. Therefore, I am striving towards achieving my academic goals and objectives. Moreover, I managed to get treated last June, and thus, I am feeling much better now. Additionally, I am trying my best to eliminate all the absenteeism this semester.

Hopefully, I will regain my lost points, prevent the loss of 20 points in every class, and reduce the error margin to ten points. Since I am very organized, and do my homework in time, the only challenge is absenteeism. Nevertheless, I am quite convinced that my grades will greatly improve with my frequent attendance to class. Evidently, the university is my best option, and I depend on it for my future. This is because I hold it close to my heart and would like to pursue my studies in this University till their completion. Therefore, I am looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.




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