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An Event I Would have Changed

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The one event, in the history of Italy, that I would have changed was the rise of Mussolini to power. Mussolini was an Italian politician and the leader of the National Fascist Party. He is credited with the creation of Fascism. There are some things that he did which were somewhat good for the Italian people. For example, he tamed the Pontine Marshes and created many job opportunities. He also dealt decisively with the Roman Question by signing the Lateran Treaty. However, the main reason why I would not have wanted to see Mussolini in power was that his actions were not right for Italy. First, he committed the country to a war that was not beneficial to the country. Mussolini was guided by personal ambitions and prestige in joining the Second World War.
A good leader would have seen that the Italian army was not prepared enough to engage in the war. Going to a war when one is not prepared is immoral as it is sacrificing one’s citizens and the military for personal prestige. Mussolini was in great trouble wherever he went. Talk of his escapades in Albania, Greece, or even Egypt. In most cases, he had to be rescued by the Germany army. Consider a leader like Franco of Spain. He was smart as he understood the condition of the army and refused to get into the war. Indeed, he was a better leader than Mussolini was.

Moreover, Mussolini suppressed and killed those who oppose his rule. He helped Hitler in the shipping and killing of innocent Jews. His association with Hitler made Italians look like puppets of the Nazi’s. Mussolini also took a hard stand against people who were unemployed and did not offer them social Support. Community support was available before he came to power. Therefore, if I had the power, I would not have allowed Mussolini to ascend to the leadership of Italy.

Buy custom An Event I Would have Changed essay paper cheap

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