Free Custom «An Embarrassing Moment» Essay Paper

Free Custom «An Embarrassing Moment» Essay Paper

My first time on a date was met with a very embarrassing and awkward incident that still makes me cringe a little to this day. My date was new to me, a case commonly referred to as a blind date. Funny enough, she arrived for the planned date earlier than expected. I recognized her using the clothes she had worn as she had given me a description of what she would be wearing for the date. Her appearance befitted every detail she had given in her description.

She was seated in one of the corners of my favorite joint. So as to avoid embarrassment incase it turned out that she was ugly, I had decided to hide my identity by not wearing the clothes I had informed her I would be wearing. I therefore decided to engage her in some mind games. I called her using my cell phone and lied to her that she should find me on the other side of the compound close to the swimming pool. This was to enable me get a close view of her as I planned my next course of action.

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Touched by her beauty, I decided to make my move. As she was walking near the swimming pool towards the point I had informed her to meet me, I came to her and grabbed her from behind. She turned to look at me and then the unexpected happened; she pushed me into the water. It was the most embarrassing moment as it was the pool’s deepest end and I had no idea about swimming.

The life saver came to my rescue some minutes later, after I had nearly drowned. I later explained to my date what had happened and she was so remorseful about it despite the fact that the die had already been cast. To this day, I just look back on that day and I smile.


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