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An Army Officer

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My driving ambition in life is to become a military officer. I always desire to work with the disciplined forces especially the army. I have always had a passion for the military since my childhood. One of the reasons that have made me love the army is my family. My family has always been a military family for so long.

My father is a military officer stationed in the US military base in turkey (Powell, 1996). I am always impressed by the way he feels about the army. My grand father was a helicopter pilot during the second Indochina war. He always rgales us with his military exploits and I am always thrilled.   

Another reason that makes me love the army is because it gives one an opportunity to serve their country. When people are serving as military officers, they have completely given themselves over to serve the country (Powell, 1996). My desire is to at least serve my nation state through the army. I want to serve my country by being there to defend it wherever it is threatened. This way I feel that my life will be fulfilled.

The army also grants one opportunity to fulffill personal dreams. For example, it provides training in different fields. I, for one want to be a pilot, and I know that the army will provide me with the chance to realize my dream. The army gives its officers the opportunity to realize their full potential.

I am always impressed by Colin Powell, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A commissioned officer can rise from the rank of a captain to the rank of a five star general in the US. This way, potential is rewarded in the military forces. My dream is to become an army officer.

Buy custom An Army Officer essay paper cheap

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