Free Custom «Academic Admissions» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Academic Admissions» Essay Paper

I experienced certain difficulties adapting to American cultural norms at first, as I was born in a traditional family in the Middle East, specifically in Syria, where males automatically become the head of the family and are responsible for making major decisions in the household. Therefore, I have to struggle as much as possible to ensure that this is overcome. That is why I plan to fully devote myself to achieving my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. This means that I will take pains to attain my educational goal of getting this university’s law Degree. Being a Middle Eastern student from Syria, who has stayed in the United States approximately for ten years, my dream since childhood has been to take a career in the field of jurisprudence. I have always toiled hard in my academic years to ensure that not only do I realize my targets, but also ensure that I reach the greatest heights in my chosen profession. No wonder, I am a great thinker but not the one who could think out loudly. As far as I can remember myself, I have always wanted to know everything concerning law, but I have also realized that nobody can ever know everything.

During my high school years, I liked attending court sessions in order to see how the magistrates and judges delivered justice to the concerned parties. I always admired the way they took an attentive ear to listen to the cases at hand and made a ruling regarding them. Even though I strongly believe that nothing is absolute, I am capable of fully defending my beliefs. I have never taken anything vital to chance, despite the fact that I understand that chance is always prevalent in all the aspects of human life. Even though I am skeptical about many issues, I am always realistic in my skepticism and I normally base my opinions on probability and nature. Even though my childhood dream was to study law and, therefore, become a good lawyer, who could solve various problems for my clients, I did not just want to study law just because I wanted to be a lawyer.

Even though I know that economics and law cannot be studies altogether at once, I have a strong feeling that none of these disciplines can efficiently function without the awareness and the support of another. I am also aware of the fact that there is more to the law than just its efficiency, so I have a strong belief that the lawyers should always comprehend that efficiency is just one of the factors which characterize ultimate law. Reading works on law and philosophy has always been my hobby since childhood and remains it even now. I am always fond of having good discussions regarding these two issues. I have economic beliefs which are really supported by philosophy and I also have philosophical beliefs which are significantly sustained by economics’ statutes.

Given the fact that communication skills are a necessity in the school and field of law, I strongly believe that the magnificent customer skills I gained while I was working in the Customer Service Department at Sam’s Club will greatly enhance the needed abilities in my profession. Apart from that, I sincerely feel that I also gained great communication skills while I worked as a volunteer at Keira Grace Foundation’s annual event known as “Share the Cure” in Tampa fl for Pitch Inc. Therefore, I am fully convinced that this abundant work experience has established a strong basis and foundation through which I can be able to rest my law career upon. Not only am I endowed with extensive experience of running small businesses, but I also have a potential of varied skills in problem solving, leadership and creative thinking, which have all been honed and tested. Therefore, I hope to put all these skills and experiences together while I pursue my undergraduate degree in the Law School and even beyond. Having found the missing piece of my childhood puzzle, I am now very eager to start the next phase of this wonderful career.

In all my life experiences and situations, I always think practically but I fail to consider the practical aspects. Initially, I also wished to become a scientist, but the two years I undertook in undergraduate helped me in figuring out that being a scientist does not necessarily entail working all round in a laboratory. I have no regrets about my undergraduate experience and, despite the fact that I am passionate regarding my interests, this does not necessarily imply that I will only be interested in one passion for my entire life. While I am liberal on some of the issues in life, I am conservative on other issues and reasonable to almost all of them.

Having gone through so many challenges in life, I am now mentally and emotionally charged and, thus, ready to take up new challenges by climbing new hills and jumping into new pools, the Law School being a good example of such. Given my well developed determination, I now strongly believe that I will complete my studies in Law School successfully. And due to my high sense of compassion, I will be in a better position to assist other individuals who may have had a shoddy foundation in their lives. The many opportunities that I have learnt about the environment greatly enabled me to develop a healthy interest in jurisprudence. My participation in different undergraduate research projects will greatly inspire me to painstakingly study at the Law School and to pursue my interest of learning how law can be utilized in addressing various issues facing the society all over the world.



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